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For a long time I shot with both a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D. The only time I used the 7D was for sports at longer focal lengths, for the extra reach with other subject matter in bright light, and when I was using both bodies at the same time (wide lenses on the FF 5DII), long lens on the 7D. When actually shooting the 7D felt like a far superior ...


Low light capability is very useful when shooting newborns. Larger sensor size will allow better subject isolation (shallower depth of field if using the right lens and focal length)for certain types of portraits. Another advantage of a FF camera is that you can more easily use wide angle lenses in the range of 24 - 35mm. These are pretty useful when ...


Don't be concerned with shutter lag. Any DSLR has almost instant shutter reaction. You are talking about milliseconds here. The 7D is better for sports and action, and the 6D is better for low light and overall image quality. Only you can decide which is more important for you. Keep in mind that going full frame means the lenses you have now may not fit ...

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