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Buying a sideways standing boom with sandbags and so on is not an option, because its too expensive and does not fit into my car. You can buy a 6' telescoping boom that fits a standard light stand for a couple dozen bucks. And you could surely DIY a solution using PVC pipe for half that. Either solution would easily fit in a Smart coupe.


When presented with this situation I've usually hired a VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand.) VAL's are a self-propelling vocally directed support system, they come with built-in collision avoidance systems and fit well into most cars. They are also compatible with most types of light (within certain weight limits) and with the monopod boom suggestion ...


You can put the flash on a tall monopod, and then use one hand on the camera, and one hand on the flash, like this guy: https://idigitaldarwin.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/aggressive-gear-pt2/, If you find it too heavy, Use a tripod for the camera and two hands on the flash.

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