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The Base curve is used to alter how the raw light data is interpreted. You can think of this almost as the input curves in other apps, they control how the raw data in the file gets pulled into the image editing space. This is often where fancy curves are used to simulate different types of film and such... that's very much what it's doing, adjusting the ...


Canon EOS 1100D white balance presents have been commited to ufraw source at 2011 July. Either install an ufraw binary version which was created later, or you might compile your own version.


I have found the setting which was giving me this strange behaviour. I had set it without even noticing. It was under the crop and rotate tab, scaling factor (in italian fattore di ridimensionamento). In my case it was set to 100, I put it back to 1 and the problem was solved. Notice that this scaling is not applied to the image while in ufraw, but only at ...


Replace any camera brand in your question and the issue and answer will still be the same. There was someone asking about the same thing for Fuji a few days ago. The manufacturer converter often is programmed with the same conversion as the camera while third-party software have to roll their own. You are always likely to see a difference. Even with ...


I'm doing it my way in GIMP - I take "Free select tool", select the part I want to modify. Then I feather the edges of the selection by 30-100px depending on the size of selection (most often I go for 50px), then I copy the feathered selection and past it as a new layer. This way I can do any adjustments to this particular bit and the rest of the image will ...


You can do this in Darktable using the 'Zone System' plugin, shown below. I'm making the assumption that the part of your image you want to modify would be automatically selected by the plugin for adjustment (shown in yellow highlighting in my screenshot).


I have found that many image editors modify and even delete metadata, and I am not surprised that Ufraw does that too. One way to transfer metadata from the original to the processed image is to use the very flexible ExifTool. It's a simple executable that runs on many platforms and has tons of features. Check it out here The basic command to copy metadata ...


Few (if any) of the codecs in the pack were built by Microsoft. They've been supplied to Microsoft by the camera makers to be repackaged in the same way that most device drivers are not written by Microsoft either. The codec pack can be used by any application that supports WIC (Windows Imaging Codecs). Paint.Net is one popular free (as in beer) ...


The config file of Ufraw is located in %USERPROFILE% and it is named .ufrawrc You can delete or rename this file to reset your current settings P.S. There is a dot as first symbol in filename

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