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The RC6 works fine with my 550d Try putting the camera in full auto mode to pick up the sensor also you need to set the shooting mode to self timer/remote control. Once it picks up the remote from full auto mode you should be good to go on other modes


Looking at your samples, the answer seems clear to me: that's not grainy, that is, actually, out of focus. Here's a 1:1 crop of your wide-open image: It seems pretty apparent that the wooden sign is sharp but the dog isn't, and the appearance of the blur looks completely in line with what one would expect from out-of-focus blur, not noise or grain. ...


Canon's office in Chennai and Bangalore (India) does repair XT. Last year March 2014, I got mine done (not same nature of repair)


The Cowboy studio trigger is a manual-only trigger. If you turn the transmitter over and look at the foot it only has a single pin--this is the "sync" or "fire!" signal pin, and is compatible across all brands of cameras/flashes (except for the older Sony gear that uses the proprietary Minolta hotshoe). However. The menu communication with a flash is done ...


It's likely that there is either a sensor problem, or the mechanism does have dust in it somewhere which is causing resistance. This is something you already know. None of those are things you can either check for or repair yourself without a suitable dust-free workspace and the appropriate knowledge - attempting to do so will most likely make things ...


So after lot of experimenting and trying and reading with no obvious reason why the flash in manual mode and pocket wizard don't work (pocket wizard works with pc connection), I tried to use hotshoe adapter that I had long time ago (see pictures) and everything now works fine! I've no explanation if anyone understands why please jump in.

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