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My camera did the exact same thing and I found out my switch on my lens was on the M instead of the A I switches it back and all is good! :)


Given that everything's on manual, that you're firing the flash at full power (1/1), and that you think waiting one second between shots is sufficient, I'm going to take an educated guess and say that your problem is that you're not waiting for the flash to fully recycle before you take a shot and/or you've got the power level on the flash set too high. It ...


From my personal experience of recovering deleted photos, I used Wondershare to do that. It brought back around 70-80 photographs I mistakenly deleted by formatting the SD card of my camera. Wondershare worked great for me, it might work for you too. Try it.


How to recover Testdisk and Photorec are usually good options for recovering files after deleting or formatting. Testdisk is good for accidental deletion. Use the undelete functionality in it to see if the file is still there and can be undeleted. It reads the file tables to see recently deleted files but does not attempt to search for them brute-force. ...


Since the lines don't show up on the actual photo's, I would guess that the problem is with the LCD panel itself. It's possibly a problem with whatever is driving the panel (bad connection maybe?) but I'm guessing it's the panel. Unfortunately the only sure way to know is to try replacing it and see if the problem goes away.


It seems like newer Tamrons have problems with the autofocus motor. My 70-200/f2.8 VC had the same symptoms and after a while it stopped focusing but was repaired through warranty. I hear similar stories about the new 24-70/f2.8 VC as well. First of all go back to your camera store and let them check it out and show you how it works. If there's a problem ...


Could you post a 100% crop (central part) of an image you considering blurred? Sidenote: why not use a kit Nikkor 18-55mm DX, it has same lame f/3.5-5.6 but adds VR and longer tele (~70mm equivalent for nice portraits) for less money. Also I believe there is no 50mm DX lens in existence. I personally played with D3100/18-55VR couple of weeks ago and I ...


Screw-driven autofocus lenses tend to have very short throws to enable the motor in the camera to get through the entire focus range quickly. The trade-off for this is that it takes a very small amount of angular movement in the focus ring to pass through the zone where the AF system thinks the focus is correct. The body is capable of the very minute ...


Almost all in-camera settings that affect image adjustments are irrelevant when shooting raw. With raw, all image adjustments need to be controlled in your raw software instead of in-camera. The file basically contains the raw readers from the camera sensor without any adjustments. What this means is that if you're shooting raw and want monochrome, you ...


Since you have tested the lens on a T2i, the problem is mostly with the older body. Get it serviced. I guess, there must be some discrepancies with the lens contacts on the XS body.


When you say it looks like there is no lens attached, the only thing that comes to mind is the battery being flat. Given it's a new camera, try charging up the battery. With a dead battery you see almost nothing through the viewfinder. Very dark and very blurry (not just out of focus). With the battery charged it might look blurry if the lens wasn't ...

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