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(4 years late, but hopefully useful for other people) A slow shutter curtain can sometimes be "repaired" by excercizing the shutter repeatedly, tens or maybe hundreds of times. Especially in cases like this where the problem only occurs at high shutterspeeds (indicating that the shutter is only small amount slower than a healty shutter.)


Take it to a store and see if it works on other cameras. Then try another 28-70mm on your camera just to be sure. The lens may just need a cleaning, but it also may be related to your camera. Doing both will not isolate the issue 100%. If the lens does this on other cameras, get it serviced. If not, you may need to have the camera checked out.


Sounds like a definite issue with the camera there. I would advise taking it along to your local friendly camera dealer and see what they say. They may be able to send it off to Nikon on your behalf to get it repaired properly.


This malfunction can be caused by a variety of component failures, so it is impossible to know for sure without opening up the lens. You can try cleaning the electrical contacts, but it is also possible that there is an electronic or mechanical fault with an internal component. For example, there could be a problem with the circuit board. Or there could ...


This is obviously not normal operation, and neither should you debug yourself. Get a Nikon technician and have him fix this.


Does this camera happen to be the Nikon D800? It's not quite consistent with the common 'oil/dust spots' as can be seen here, yours are more squiggly. But these have (as to my knowledge is Australia) have a warranty fix for it. The repair centre may be right, however it's important when they told you. If it was: When you gave it to them and gave them ...

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