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In my (very expensive) experience, Novoflex camera plates are of a slightly smaller height. They are usually held by friction by the slanting sides but that might be at a tiny more elevated position, while still well inside the clamp. When taking pictures and moving the head, the camera assembly may "drop" by this tiny amount. Because the sides are slanting, ...


It looks like a plastic ferrule. Best bet would be to contact Hama directly. It looks like a cheap enough part and small enough they might mail you one.


Have you tried a monopod? They basically look like walking sticks and are faster to set up than a tripod if you're going to be moving about with it a lot.


Yes. From the specification for the Gorillapod: Connection Point: ¼"-20 standard tripod mount And see Is there a standard tripod mount? — this is the standard thread, which is near-universal. It's not listed in Olympus's E-M10 specs, possibly because it's so assumed. You can see from, for example, this review that the camera does have a tripod ...


Yes it will work. ALL cameras have a standard tripod mounting thread. (unless they don't have one at all)

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