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When I want to test the sturdiness of a tripod I put it at its hihgest position and push down on the part where the camera would go. With cheap tripods you can see the legs move away from eachother (or even bend). While pushing you can also move your hand back and forth a bit to feel if there's movement somewhere in the couplings. You will also notice ...


How about tapping the setup and immediately taking a time exposure? You can magnify the view in your camera's viewfinder. Not precise, but at least it gives a relative indication.


The Velbon D-400 has a so-called "fluid head", where fluid damps movements to smooth video pans. That damping fluid probably leaked.


It works well enough that I'll continue to use it. Drawbacks: Significant pressure is required to mold the play-foam to conform to the shape of the camera. There seems to be very slight motion as the play-foam springs back a bit once the camera is resting on it. Advantages over a bean bag: Extremely light weight. Compact. A small bag supports the ...

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