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Look at this enormous telephoto lens. Canon 300mm F4L EF USM Image Stabilizer Lens . So large , but it has a tripod mount built-in in it. I think this lens has no trouble on any tripod.


From the comments, a spirit level is a good idea. Even better is a laser level, which can more accurately help you level the tripod. Once the tripod is level, you can move the head to the prescribed angle to recreate your shot. For something like this a ball head is going to make the process more difficult; a 3-way head, such as Elenesski suggests, would be ...


If you have the level of accuracy you are describing in your question's comments, I'd imply you have the budget to replace the ball-mount tripod with a tripod and angled head. After you set the tripod level you can precisely set the orientation of the camera. How you set the horizontal control (with the compass) will be a personal choice. With this ...


I have found very few somewhat useful solutions in the internet. The solution I had envisaged I obtained today from Zoerk in Munich (try, the us website may not be up to date). This solution consists of a protecting ring mounted on the lens and an aluminium chain-ring with a tripod support. It can also be used for vertical camera orientation ...


The answer depends. It depends in part on what you are shooting - pairing it with the Wimberly Head it sounds like you may be shooting moving subjects. With moving subjects you don't expect the tripod to hold your lens perfectly still, you use your tripod to carry the weight of the camera and lens, and you hold the camera body in your hand and press the ...


Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2 MINI TRIPOD...It fits all your requirements I think (even larger lens)..I love mine!


I can't speak to the above issue because I don't know the tripod however carbon fiber is not as simple as you'd want it to be. The reason there is no 'true' answer to your question is because there are different bonding agents used to make different versions of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber epoxy used in a Boeing 777 will be able to take temperatures well ...

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