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It's hard to know whether it's normal or a flaw. Does it interfere with your ability to use it properly? Eg, to either transport or set it up, or to take photos? If so, it sounds like it's something that's worth getting looked at. If it doesn't really interfere with anything, other than being a slight annoyance, then it's up to you whether you think it's ...


for the head, have a look at the Beike Bk-45 gimbal Tripod Head. I've just bought one for use with my Canon 1Ds II and Sigma 120-330 F2.8. Much better (For this camera/lens combination) than my Manftotto pistol-grip ball head. OK - it's not a Wimberley but then it's only a fraction of the price. Will be good enough for you to determine if a gimbal head is ...


Your 7D Mark II plus Tamron 150-600mm lens weighs in at just under 7 pounds. Add a battery grip and a second battery and you're over 7 pounds. You must then factor in the use case and consider that the camera and lens will not be static, but in motion when tracking your subject. I would recommend that whatever tripod and head you choose be rated for at least ...


My cameras are lighter than yours (40D primary with a sigma 120-400) but birds in (high) flight and tripods rarely work together for me. This is partly because I'm too tall once the camera is tipped back. For low-flying birds (as well as perched/static birds) I find a single locking control essential. And it's important that you support the camera/lens as ...

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