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I used to have a Bogen/Manfrotto 3205 legset (bought about 20 years ago). (Looks like 190 might be the current model?) I had two complaints about the flip locks: They were loud. Out in the woods, with dead quiet around me the "snap!" as they closed was defeaning. Without exaggerating: it was loud enough to disturb wildlife. Every once in a while I would ...


I prefer the twist style when the tripod is new and in good condition. I find it a bit easier to adjust one-handed. However, when the tripod gets older, or it's wet and cold, or it's been exposed to the elements and isn't functioning as smoothly, it can be harder to get a good grip on the twist collars. With the lever style I think it's easier to get a ...


For most people it is just a personal preference. Some say the flip locks are more bulky and can get snagged on objects. Some will tell you that one or the other is faster to set up and take down. I have both types(Manfrotto flip locks and Benro twist locks) and have no preference. I find them equally fast to set up and take down, and have never had a flip ...


Have you considered renting/using a surveyor's transit level? The tripod has a 5/8 inch scree and, if this is critical, you could jury rig something so that the postion of the transit and camera stay in the same relative position on the tripod. e.g. a flat metal bar with a hole for the top of the tripod screw to protrude and be locked on and holes at either ...

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