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Yes. The tripod thread is standard: 1/4-20, which means ¼", with 20 threads per inch. This is specified by ISO 1222:2010. I'm not willing to pay the $57 for my own copy, but I'm kind of curious, as wikipedia says that the current standard also allows 3/8-16 — apparently that's an older mostly-European standard. This is probably old-hat to aficionados of ...


GoPro cameras do not have a built in tripod mount(1/4-20). They actually have a more specialized quick release clip built into the waterproof housing. To attach a GoPro unit to a tripod mount, you need the GoPro Tripod Mount which runs about $8 these days. To answer your question, if you want to mount a GoPro camera to a tripod, you need the Tripod mount ...


The mount on the bottom of the camera is plenty strong. I carry a 5D and 1Ds Mk III around with my Black Rapid all the time and have had no problem. Just make sure you have the screw snugged down and check it periodically. I really can't recommend these sling straps enough. I have a Black Rapid, so I haven't tried any others, but it's really made it a lot ...


Most tripod heads have ratings for how much weight they are able to support. If you place 10 pounds of camera/lens on a head designed for four pounds, it doesn't matter how well made it is, it will eventually fail. The same is true of the tripod 'legs' themselves. They all have a maximum weight rating. From your question it is unclear if your camera fell ...


This has nothing to do with the camera. All cameras have the same thread which is used to attach it to a support like a tripod. What you are looking for is a quick-release plate and that is specific to the tripod head you use. If you have the exact model, you have to look it up and find out the part number for the plate. That is the one to order. For ...


I just figured out why it happened. It turns out the thread on the ball head got pushed inside (for whatever reason) and so, the screw on the legs could not fit properly.


The mounting hole on the bottom of the camera should be a "blind nut" style hole - meaning you should be able to replace the whole metal part, but you're gonna have to get way inside the camera to do it, so it's probably not something you want to do yourself. I don't know the design of that one enough to answer - it might be easy, it might be hard. It might ...


Helicoils can be successfully used in many mechanical situations, but I'd be very worried that it will not work well on your 1Ds. Installing a Helicoil is fairly simple: you tap out the existing threads with a special oversized tap, and then insert the new coil of threads into the now larger hole. Most of the effort is in cutting the metal to make the new ...


A quick release plate like this one can do the job. Update: While thinking about it, this does not solve the swivel problem I noted in one of the comments to ElendilTheTall, as the ring is attached, and rotates with the screw. However, it does give you a better resistance (friction) to unscrewing than his solution, if you tighten it well enough.


You may wish to check out the Camdapter, which has been around a while. It functions as both a Arca/Manfrotto/etc quick release adapter and a mount for attaching your shoulder strap, in the usual way.


I have improvised my own asymmetric strap using a camera bag strap, this Manfrotto spigot and a carabiner like this. Not pretty, but it works and is relatively cheap.


I would recommend products from Luma -- they focus on camera slings, but make a tripod mount called PodMount that you could probably attach anything you wanted to. (Incidentally, their slings are great -- they mount only to the right-side strap mount, letting the camera fall very naturally against your hip.)


I use a blackrapid strap and a manfrotto tripod with a quick release plate and this quick release plate screw works awesome for me. It is only $18 dollars and I think it should be available in the UK. The build quality is top notch. There is even a little rubber ring to stop the screw from scratching things.


Some tripod heads come with what is called a "quick release plate". This plate allows for the camera to be easily removed and attached to the tripod and is generally specific to the make or model of tripod head you are using. The quick release plate for the tripod you have is a pretty basic one that just gets locked in by the latch there, but it is still ...


There different types of tripod heads. For photography, the most popular is a ball-head. These ball-heads come with different type of connection. The most secure probably is the head with only a 1/4" screw which mounts directly onto the camera. Now, if you want to be able to get your camera on-and-off the tripod fast, you need a quick release system on the ...


They look cool - until the thing works loose and your camera gets dropped. What's wrong with attaching the camera strap to the camera strap fixing points ? I believe it's 1/4" BSP - British Standard Pipe thread. 1/4-20 is pretty close. 3/8" is for medium and large format film cameras - pro kit.


A really cheap option is to get a 1/4-20 Eye Bolt. It can screw into the camera, then you connect the strap to the eye ring.


Amazon sell the Custom SLR C-Loop Camera Strap Mount in the UK but the price is somewhat prohibitive still:

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