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Peak Design make several Arca-Swiss compatible plates that can be used with a D-ring screw. So you could clip the BlackRapid strap onto that. Look at their ARCAplate, which includes the D-ring screw. Note that has now been replaced by the PROplate, which doesn't have a D-ring as standard. But you can use it with the Pro Drive Screw, which has a D-ring. ...


Use a clamp which itself has a screw hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWes5KE3QZI


I've used my woodworking tools on aluminum, including a router. So a mini-router bit for the dremmel (or do you have a laminate trimmer mini-router?) will work, and it uses teeth rather than grit so it won't have a clogging problem. That also gives a very smooth edge, if guided with a jig. (My experience is with full-size powerful router mounted under a ...


This question actually inspired me to create an account, because I just recently went to the trouble to fabricate the exact thing you describe for my old Olympus XZ-1, which has a very similar situation on its underside. I made mine out of 0.25" ABS, which is available on a certain auction site in sheets as small as 5x7", and is very easy to work with if you ...


Instead of looking for a plate with an offset hole, it may be easier to find a suitable tripod quick release plate. These use a clamp which screws onto the top of your tripod, and a plate screwed to to the bottom of the camera. Then the plate just slides into the clamp, and locks in place. The most popular system is 'Arca Swiss' style, it is used by a ...


The gadget you're looking for is called an offset plate, but there's the legendary bad news and good news. The bad news is that I've never seen one small enough that it wouldn't interfere with the battery door on your camera. Most of them are designed for SLRs and other cameras with lots of room on the bottom. The good news is that the cost of material ...

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