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There is no one tripod that does everything. (just like there's no such camera, lens, ...) it was recommended that I get a tripod that is set to my height The only reason for that is convenience. Tthe intuition behind this is clear: take images from eye level. But compositionally, that's what every point&shoot user does. It is more interesting (in ...


I have these legs (Manfrotto 055CXPRO3) combined with this head (Manfrotto 468MGRC4). The maximum height, fully extended, is 1.86m to the quick release plate. That puts the eyepiece of my Canon at 1.99m (comically out of reach for me, at 1.77m tall). The legs can lock at 4 different angles and the centre column can also be rotated through 90 degrees or ...


My advice is to get the size of tripod you need, and then add a 2 head "Manfrotto Lateral Side Arm", to use that with whatever head you like.

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