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Napioa - Wind Origins
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In my opinion, that ballhead is too lightweight for uses beyond holding smaller DSLRs with shorter/lighter lenses. Many tripod and ballhead manufacturers overstate their "rated" weight. For instance, the Sirui C-10X says it has a capacity of 28.7 lbs. But what is that, in photographic equipment terms? A Nikon D810 weighs 1.98 lb (990 g). With a 600 mm ƒ/4G ...


It depends how the head is made. Most ball-heads move a little which is called drift. A millimeter or two is common but should not be more for anything reasonable. Otherwise it makes framing rather hard. Certain ball-heads are designed specifically to prevent this and are called non-drift heads. Manfrotto for example has a Hydrostatic series like that. The ...


The Sirui C-10X ballhead has a capacity of 28.7 lb, about 13 kg (source : Your Nikon 300mm f4 AF weights about 1.3 kg and a regular camera body is about 1 kg (1.2 kg top for Nikon D3x : so the total weight your ball has to carry ...

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