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Quick release plates are great, but if you don't need the quick release ability, they add weight, they add size and they add a potential point of failure. Overall, a good QR plate should be every bit as secure as a screw mount, and potentially even more secure as they can incorporate locking mechanisms that a screw mount lacks, however, the camera still ...


Even the best quick releases do not hold so tight to whatever is attached to them as a good old screw (also on the tripods I have/had I never had to turn the camera to fix anything). This might be especially true for non-level angles. So there might be some equipment that you want to attach there, where it makes more sense to have the tight grip of a screw. ...


A long 1/4" screw with a nut allows for more thread engagement and a more secure attachment. A plain screw is meant to be tightened with a tool versus just with the fingers as is how many release plates are designed. A plain screw with snugging nut allows for adjustable thread engagement (more threads for a heavier load) and the ease of a snugging nut. ...


There are a lot of uses for those handy little ball-heads. I use one on my monopod. A lot of time you can see them being used to for lighting support or to hold a cheese plate at a certain angle so it doesn't interfere with your other cables or hold an accessory bar at a certain angle... and some of them are pretty cheap.


I think it's simply because then you can attach a quick-release plate which matches the system you're using — you can buy those separately too.

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