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None of the Canon flashes can be used simultaneously as slave and master. The 550EX can only be used as a master on-camera (or connected by a TTL cable to a hotshoe), or a slave off-camera. It cannot be an off-camera slave and an off-camera master at the same time. The same is also true of the 580EX, 580EXII, and 600EX-RT. In addition, once the PC port on ...


The RF-603's are very simple triggers -- no E-TTL whatsoever, including pass-through to the hotshoe on the top of the 603. In your case, you should still be able to put a 603 on your camera's hotshoe, then either flash on top of the 603, with the other flash mounted on the other trigger. Set both flashes to manual power and zoom, then press the shutter on ...


All three of the Yongnuo radio triggering systems are incompatible with each other. The "manual" Yongnuo triggers (RF-60x/YN-560-TX), the TTL Yongnuo triggers (N-622/YN-622-TX), and the RT Yongnuo triggers (YN-E3-RT/YNE3-RX) have differing communication protocols, despite all being 2.4 GHz radio triggers. The only way to get them to interoperate is to stack ...

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