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There are several methods you can use to fire the 430EX remotely, and while most require additional equipment, not all of them do. Canon wireless e-TTL (IR) Canon has two built-in wireless systems for remotely firing flashes with its cameras: a radio system and an infrared system. None of your units speak the radio system, but the 430EX can be used as a ...


I'm using radiopopper nano transmitter and receiver to fire my 430Exll from 6D.


It is not just Canon bodies. Almost every brand of camera that uses a mini-stereo jack has the exact same pinout: The tip is the full press wire, the middle is the half press wire, and the base is the common ground. Even cameras which need other shape connectors almost all use the same three connections, they just vary the shape and arrangement of them. ...


I happened across a link in a comment by @ysap in an obliquely related question I surfed into.

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