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If you want to use the RF-603II to trigger the flash as a transmitter, return/sell the YN-568EX flash, and get a YN-685 or YN-560III or IV, or if you want to use it as a receiver on the flash, buy a RF-603, RF-603II, RF-605, or YN-560-TX to act as the on-camera transmitter. The YN-568EX has no built-in radio receiver. And to get a radio connection, you need ...


The RX10's built-in flash is TTL-only. With TTL, the camera tells the flash to send out a "preflash" burst of light that it can meter, and then the camera automatically adjusts the flash's power output to get what its auto-exposure system thinks is good exposure, before sending out the main flash burst while opening the shutter for the exposure. This ...

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