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Watch the shutter speed: your focal length x 1.6 (crop factor) x 2 (or even 3) - added for the helicopter. For example for 250 mm you need: 250 x 1.6 x 2 = 800 - that is 1/800 shutter speed Most probably you'll have sun. Hence a good Circular Polarizer will help you. I'd recommend Marumi as a best price/performance ratio. I have them and I'm very pleased. ...


My advice: aim for short shutter speed. (considering the vibrations of the helicopter and possible high focal length)


Photoshop Ram Requirements Photoshop by default does not require a lot of RAM, however when working with larger files or files with a larger bit depth or effects like the Liquify Tool, it can play an important role in performance. If you intend to use any of the video editing capabilities of Photoshop this will also be true. I recommend not working in ...


This issue is true for all businesses. the question: Do I bill an hourly rate plus expenses and "diets by government rates". Versus what is the service worth to them. And is the travel time worth as much as active time? will the bill be too high vs the value of the service? Can you pool other work time with the travel time? Knowing a set amount of hours ...


Billing for travel should include 3 parts: Work, Travel, and Per Diem Work Billing for the work is often the most difficult. The easiest way to quote a fair price would be billing hours worked at your standard rate, or your average income in a single day, whichever is greater. For example, if you work 8 hours, but in a normal day at the office you'd work ...


Travel time is billable at the normal rates. Always think that you could have billed your normal rate to another customer. All good business runs this way. Bill what someone will pay you to do your job because if you weren't doing travel you would be shooting.


I travel constantly with my 4-section CF Manfrotto. The 4-section legs are the critical element. With the head rotated 90 degrees, it fits perfectly into my carry-on sized luggage. I've traveled across the US and to multiple countries this way, and have never checked it. I've never been questioned as it went through the X-Ray machine either, though it ...


I have a Feisol 3441SB, which they class as a travel tripod, and is a very capable carbon-fibre tripod. I've taken it travelling a few times. It's full-size (130-180cm max height), but only weighs about 1.4kg (3lb) so doesn't make a huge dent in my luggage weight allowance. They claim it supports 7kg, and I've used it with maybe 2kg of camera + lens, and ...


consider the A7 or A7r, will work with your NEX E lenses, full frame and stellar performance, lens options are wide open if you get the 199.00 adapter to use existing ALPHA lenses and Minolta lenses. The minolta 28-85 F3.5 is a fantastic lens that you can picup for 50.00. Tokina 19-35 is also magical and compact. then all you would need is a telephoto lens. ...

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