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See also: What should I look for when shopping for my first DSLR? Here are the questions I think you need to ask yourself before buying any new camera. What's my budget? The amount of money you can spend on camera gear will probably be the biggest limitation on getting any specific camera. It will sway your decision on whether or not you would prefer ...


Comparing super zoom lenses is really not very much different then comparing any other lens. For super zoom lenses you need to understand that in general they are all based on compromises. The big three that you will have to choose between are optical quality, size, and price. Typically you get to choose either 1 or 2 of the 3, but not all three. Size, ...


Generally, if you want the best image quality, prepare to spend on the top of the line f/2.8 zoom lenses. However, its illogical to suggest them without knowing the purpose of your photographs and the budget of the purchase.

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