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In a copy of the original image, convert to grayscale mode and then to duotone mode. Select black and blue colors for the two tones. You can decrease the contribution of the blue tone using its curve (click and drag the curve down and to the right). Soften the entire image with a blur filter, or just parts of it with the blur tool. Convert the image back ...


There are two aspects to this question: Softness These images have a very narrow depth of field - the subject is in focus and everything else is very soft. This is purely the result of using a very wide aperture, available only on a prime lens at its widest aperture, and probably a full frame or larger sensor. Zoom lenses won't go wide enough in ...


These Kind of effect can be achieved through the individual control over colors on a particular image. Light room is very good at dealing with these kind of effects as it has specific tools to gives us the utter control over colors. Shadow highlight, HSL/Saturation/Luminance control options can be used to alter the color or color combinations. There are ...

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