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Find the largest window in the house, remove any distracting elements out of the background, and shoot with the light to the side of the subject. Shoot using whatever settings you are comfortable with. If the home does not have large windows or is full of distracting items; go outside. The images will likely be better anyways and a nice overcast day will ...


You can get old 'manual' external flashes for very little (or even free from op shops and similar )and use a flash activated trigger to trigger them. Setting needs to be done manually but it's not hard [tm] to get light levels OK when you are in a staticish setting. Your camera also may allow cable trigger. Be sure that external flash voltage does not exceed ...


I recently upgraded to a used Nikon D80 with DX AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens and I am still learning how to use it. I have really only used it on Auto Mode. Unfortunately, I cannot purchase any more equipment right now or any time soon. I am supposed to do an indoor maternity shoot in 2 days for a family member and I am really nervous. Oh. Dear. Here's ...


Try learning as much as you can about light. Best would be a book about shooting people and nudes in natural light, you can try the Luminous Portrait by Elisabeth Messina - besides discussions about light it also has examples of settings. See if you can organize the room a little bit. The lady should be the most important thing in the pictures. See if you ...

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