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I am adding my 2 cents here. This task is a 3 step process. 1) Just mergin the frames into a video. I am not sure, but I think all the programs listed here are just simple editing programs that merge this. 2) Controlling the framerate. You need to see if this options listed here can do that. On this part I would go for virtual dub (as someone already ...


Use VideoVelocity if you need to record video over long periods of time, reliably. You can also broadcast the time-lapse as it's recording to Teleport for online viewing, private or public. Great for project promotion. VideoVelocity also does mass stitching of stills into high quality H.264 or HEVC/H.265 video files. And performs de-flicker on the frames to ...


A lens hood will not solve the problem. If you can't afford to make one of the small resistive 'dew-zappers', you can use the hand/mitt warmers that they sell in hardware stores. I surround the lens hood with two of these. I hold it to the lens hood with a cut-off piece of old sock. These hand warmers last all night.


By "unprocessed" you mean not turned into the movie yet? Or nothing that requires manual attention and interaction? If you will be cropping, crop the stills early. The video (if normal video usage; you did not specify) is much lower resolution than a photo. So resuce the resolution to the final dimentions, right away. You say these are in-camera jpeg ...


Time lapse implies it will be made into movies, which HD is about 2 megapixels each frame. If so, and if you took these with a 12 or 24 megapixel camera, then for smaller storage, you could (crop and) batch resample them to 1920x1080 pixels now, instead of waiting until later to do the same. This of course implies that you do some of the work now.


If you are looking to reduce space, you are going to lose quality in some manner. If you strip the exif data, you will not lose image quality, but can (marginally) reduce the size of the files at the expense of that information. If you are looking for more significant reductions, I would suggest looking at tools that reduce file size by maintaining apparent ...

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