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You can use your usb cable and connect your camera to the PC, and then use Shell script to shoot with. I used this to shoot HDR timelapse ( : I was just playing around ). What you need is an unix like OS, then library like Gphoto, cable which came with your camera, tripod, and simple shell script ...


Plugging your Canon T3i/600D into a laptop or other computer via USB cable will not charge the battery. The batteries for your camera can only be recharged by using a proper battery charger and the camera does not have one built in. You can use an external power supply to power the camera without plugging it into the laptop. There are many others besides ...


AFAIK you could use an external DC power supply – so your camera could operate without any battery virtually over days or even weeks. And then you can of course also connect the camera to your laptop through USB to download the images and/or trigger the time lapse or the like. Here's video with detauls on how to use the DC power supply at youtube: "How to ...


Several things could be going on. Based on the question as originally written you might have been experiencing buffer congestion. When the buffer is full the camera must wait until enough space has been sufficiently cleared from the buffer as the data is written to the memory card before it can take the next frame. Under such conditions, the "double tap" ...


The Canon 7D can do fast bursts of images and does so very well, but when it does that, it will lock up the mirror at the start of the burst. When you are shooting via remote and trying to take a set of images one after another quickly, the mechanics are different because it's going to raise and lower the mirror as part of each image. That's going to slow ...

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