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First some notes about dynamic range. Timelapses of sunrises or sunsets are tricky because of the huge dynamic range that you can capture. My (unscientific) tests showed me that capturing smooth gradients of the sky as well as details in the shadows would require a camera with 20 stops of dynamic range or more. This camera doesn't exist. But worse, your ...


I am afraid Nikon D3300 do not have electronic shutter. You can check documentations and specifications here And as you can see the life of shutter of D3300 is 100k (average). But do not expect when you reach the limit shutter will stop working at all. Also you want to make timelapse so you should pay the "price" :) Difference between electronic and ...


You may use mencoder. Options are quite explicits: list all your images files. If they all are in the curent directory with ordered names and you want the list in the file /tmp/files.txt: ls -1 *jpg > /tmp/files.txt Use mencoder with the appropriate option. If you want the output file to be /tmp/test.avi with 30fps: mencoder -nosound -ovc lavc ...


With Magic Lantern on a supported Canon EOS camera, you can reduce FPS down to 0.2, and even produce RAW video. The difference left is the smaller frame size of video vs. photo, but that might be irrelevant for time-lapse video production. It also supports silent shooting, which doesn't flip the mirror, i believe.


You buy a camera to use it, so why not use it. What's the worst case scenario? The shutter mech dies... At which point you have 2 options, get a new body or fix what you've got. You don't especially need the latest/greatest DSLR for timelapses so long as you have a decent lens you could probably pick something cheaply second hand and use that until it ...


See 'exposure time': You can probably shoot 24p and add some frames afterwards, but it is a huge additional workload. If you don't clear the sensor from the added charges when not exposing, you will also run into problems. There might be a way to to exposure times in video that add up to ...

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