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ISO 800 f2.8 (the camera is fixed f2.8) exp. 30 seconds straight out of the camera no post work yet /Users/Chris/Desktop/GOPR0871.JPG


If you can afford to lose the original file names, Total Commander has a very handy Multi-Rename tool for achieving that. Sort your files by ascending date (Ctrl-F5), select all (Ctrl+A), open the multi-rename dialog (Ctrl-M), enter X[YMD][hm] as the file name mask, and start the renaming process. The program will warn you that there would be duplicate ...


I don't know of any software that could do this, but you could do this through the terminal/command prompt by writing a bash script. grep and regular expressions would be useful.


This isn't possible in-camera. The L820 has no intervalometer (ability to take images at set intervals, e.g., every 10 seconds), and there is no shutter cable release port for you to use an external intervalometer. You can take a video and manipulate it in post production to speed it up or drop frames, but the L820 has no timelapse capability.


After an actual test using my Hero 4 Black, I retract my comment above. Not only is this possible, it doesn't look half bad! I ran for two hours just out in the parking lot here in town - it's not even very dark here, and I was able to see stars moving in the resulting time-lapse! If you went someplace nice and dark, I think it might actually look pretty ...

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