High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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As noted in the comments it gets dark pretty quickly in that part of the world. Since you've only got one shot at it and you don't know how long sunset will last, I'd suggest you put the camera on a fixed ISO, Aperture priority and matrix metering and let it run. Initially you will end up with uneven exposures but you also have the best chance of getting ...


I have experienced the same problem with flickering timelapse videos and I have found that for some scenarios the temporal filter offered by Virtualdub can greatly help. This filter looks for unnatural changes between frames as the video plays and tries to eliminate them. It has a strength setting that you can use to try a lighter approach first. Virtualdub ...


In your case you are adding artificial lighting into the mix and that seems to be where the vast majority of the flickering is coming from. Some light sources powered by alternating current can vary by more than a stop between the peak and the trough of their AC cycle. And since metering is done at a different instant than exposure, a conventional meter ...

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