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TIFF is a container format which supports a collection of other standards and like any container what's in it will be entirely down to what you (or whoever wrote the TIFF export you're using) has decided to put in it. At a guess from the file size your converter has gone to 16bpc/RGB uncompressed. If so then that file size looks about right. If it is ...


If you have experience of sending files for print in the past and receiving prints that are "muddy" and don't match your expectations, the culprit here is "colour management", not the file format. The bits and bytes you upload to the internet are going to be the same ones that arrive at the print shop; the problem is whether they are "interpreted" correctly. ...


JPEG is lossy, so the image loses some detail, but the file size may be smaller and compression and extraction can be faster. Wikipedia states, "[It] somewhat reduces the image fidelity... JPEG is also not well suited to files that will undergo multiple edits, as some image quality will usually be lost each time the image is decompressed and recompressed." ...


I would say this is most likely happening because either: the software you are using to print the image is scaling it down prior to sending it to the printer or the selected printer driver settings are set to scale down the image before printing If I were to guess, I'd say it was the first option. Digital images are made of pixels, which don't have a ...

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