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I'm not sure that tethering is going to help, unless you are specifically manually focusing and just can't quite nail it. You can also try a better orientation of your subject to be more in line with the camera's sensor plane. Also, it looks like your camera has the ability to perform focus micro-adjustment for a given lens. You can try this by printing out ...


What you are looking for is called tethering. As far as I know, no camera from the Nikon Coolpix Pxxx line can be tethered. Lightroom doesn't support it : The guys from aren't supporting it :!download/cdhg Same thing from ...


As there is the software-recommendation tag: I have used (q)DslrDashboard to remote control different Nikon DSLRs. Reviews on the Android store suggest mixed results, but I successfully used it both from Android devices and my Windows laptop. WiFi connection was provided by a TP-Link MR3040 router with a custom Firmware that can be downloaded from the ...


You could consider a right angle viewfinder. They just clip onto the viewfinder where the little rubber eyepiece goes. Generally they rotate left and right a bit to give you a bit of flexibility in how you position yourself, and you get to physically see through the lens which can be better than using the live view image on a screen. As someone else ...


What are some alternatives if you don't have a flip screen in your camera? Practice until you become familiar enough with your camera and lenses to be able to "shoot from the hip" with a reasonable expectation of success. Not every camera that has been used effectively in the past had a way of seeing the exact scene immediately prior to taking the image. ...


Compact mirror (as in makeup mirror) can be used for viewing from difficult angles, e.g. close to the ground. You can hold it in place with tape made to be easily removed. Duct tape is not advised, though approved by Possum Lodge.


The flip screen, usually called rotating screen is a liability. Even tilting screens are more fragile than a fixed one, so your camera is tougher for the matter. This constraints flexibility of composition but it is usually easier to keep things level when using the viewfinder, even if you have to crouch. There are a few things you can do to help with that: ...


Yeap you can use a wi-fi card like eyefi. But they send the signal when you take the photo. Depending on the camera there are some adapters that could send live view images. For example:

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