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You could use Adobe lightroom for tethering. Supporter cameras https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/tethered-camera-support-lightroom-4.html


When the live view with pc connection is running all other controls are disabled including wireless remote function, this is same behavior for all Nikon cameras


Your camera should have come with some software, which is includes the EOS Utility. This software allows a canon camera to be connected, via USB to the computer. Live view is possible. With the camera on and connected to the computer, the program will automatically detect the connection. Features include: ability to save to camera and computer live view ...


The feature you're looking for is known as "tethering." There is a lot of software support for tethered shooting, including Canon's own EOS utility and others.


There are USB repeater cords that include a hub in the connector. The obvious application is to put a hub in the middle or periodically, and I had an early (long) USB cable that I think was just that. Most recently, I got a long cable to use with a webcam, and it probably uses a converter on each end molded into the connector, with whatever non-standard ...


In order to have long distance USB3 cables, you need to buy either a Hybrid cable which can reach up to 5 meters, or an active cable for up to 25 meters...

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