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In some regions, Canon has included RemoteCapture DC software with the G10. On Windows, there's PSRemote. I have no direct experience with gphoto2, but its idea seems to be quite simple, translating requested commands to camera-specific datagrams and as such the library itself is unlikely to be a major cause for slowness. Rather, the G10 firmware seems to ...


Do you have Lightroom Version 5.0? If so you need to upgrade to at least 5.7. This website lists the minimum version required for the D810: I'm not sure if possibly your issue is that you have a version older than 5.7 and that is causing live view to not work. It is possible that live view ...


It sounds like a limitation of the Canon SDK that it connects to one camera at a time. Multi-camera implementations would either need to disconnect/reconnect to each camera in turn (which would introduce quite a lot of lag) or be written from the ground up to talk directly to the device(s) across USB. Depending on your needs, gPhoto2 may be suitable, it ...


You can use digiCamControl to connect multiple cameras and control it in same time, but you can't trigger multiple cameras in same time via USB connection will be a lag between cameras capture around 200-800 ms. If you want do same programmatically you can use the CameraControl.Devices nuget package for it


Personally I wouldn't protect them as the USB connectors pair comes apart easily rather than either causing a trip hazard which might cause personal injury OR risk knocking or transferring shock loads into your equipment at one or both ends of the cable. The fact that they are coming undone suggests there's enough stress on the cable to risk damaging ...

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