Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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No free software exists to do this on Nikon cameras in Windows. The only two options I know of that allow live view are Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 and NKRemote by Breeze Systems. They both run between $150-200USD. If you do not want to spend any money, free options exist but they do not offer Live view as far as I have found. If you are really in a bind, ...


I can't answer everything, but... numerically: Manual focus, by definition, is by turning the ring on the lens. So, I suspect you're actually asking if you can autofocus using software or fine-tune that focus. You can make focus adjustments tethered, but it's not enormous, it will depend a lot on subject distance and the lens. USM is lens driven focus ...


Certainly shooting RAW + JPEG does take more time to transfer since it is more data, but it shouldn't be that much more. Most likely your combined file size is only around 20 to 30MB and should take almost no time over USB 2.0. Interestingly however, the estimated transfer time for USB 1.1 would be around 22 seconds. I would probably try doing some ...


You can try the Nikon SDK C# wrapper library. According to the site you can: Control your Nikon DSLR via USB Capture JPEG and RAW images directly to system memory Receive 'Live View' images Record video Query and change camera settings (exposure, aperture, ISO, etc.) I'm not entirely sure which Nikon cameras are supported, but I briefly tried it with ...


I think you will be better off by cropping the macro shots a bit than using a zoom. No zoom is going to be anywhere near a macro prime when it comes to lack of distortion and optical nasties.

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