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Angle of view is actually three different angles (diagonal, horizontal/landscape, and vertical/portrait), each of which is the measure of the angle at the top of an equilateral triangle measured from the focal point of the lens (where all the light rays cross) and spanning from the farthest points (corner-to-corner, left-to-right, or top-to-bottom) across a ...


First definitions from microscopic: so small as to be invisible or indistinct without the use of the microscope : microscopic organisms. Compare macroscopic. macroscopic: visible to the naked eye. Compare microscopic (def 1). The things we photograph with macro lenses are still large enough to be seen with the naked eye (roughly cm or inch ...


You are correct that the term "macro" means large scale (e.g. macroeconomics), however its use in photography is relative to microphotography, that is imaging using microscopes. The tradition definition of a macro lens is one that can achieve a 1:1 magnification, which means the image projected onto the recording medium is life size. So for a common APS-C ...


The term “Base ISO” or “native ISO” refers to the unamplified sensitivity of the camera. In other words, the base ISO is the single ISO setting at which your sensor/processing pipeline produces its best signal-to-noise ratio and where the sensor can achieve its full dynamic range. The ISO settings below the base ISO setting are usually marked “LO” to avoid ...


First, those terms aren't exact synonyms. A 3/4 shot is any image where subject has been cropped at around the knees. American shot is sometimes used to specifically refer to composition where several subjects in interaction (e.g. partners in dialogue) have been cropped that way; and sometimes, it is indeed used more loosely as a synonym for 3/4 shot. ...

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