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I am the owner of a photo lab and use both processes. Both printers make beautiful prints and as far as longevity, storage is the key. What I love and prefer about a photographic print is that the image is in the emulsion of the paper. This is why a backlit inkjet or a metallic inkjet can't come close to a photographic duration or metallic print. ...


Hybrid AutoFocus combines these two AutoFocus Technologies - Contrast and Phase Detection. In Hybrid initially Phase Detection is used, and then Contrast Detection is used. In Hybrid AF, Contrast and Phase Detection complements each other. Phase Detection Advantage => Speed. Lacks => Accuracy. The reason is, in Phase Detection the camera knows which ...


To understand the difference between a bridge camera and a DSLR, it is really necessary to understand the origin of the term "bridge camera". While a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) is a particular type of camera with a very well defined meaning (it uses a single lens which is used for both exposure and viewfinding), the term "bridge" simply means that it ...


I have owned two "Bridge" cameras, a Kodak ZD710 and currently have a Panasonic Lumix FZ28K. Bridges are point-n-shoots that incorporate elements of a DSLR, just enough to get a small taste. Due to those DSLR elements it will tend to be a stepping stone, if you never had one; I know three others beside myself who after using Bridge brought their first DSLR ...


No, it doesn't have to be exactly 50mm. I use a Voigt 40mm/F2 pancake lens instead of the 50mm. The 40mm is just perfect. Shot vertically it looks like a very slight wide angle shot with no field relevant distortion and critically sharp...

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