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It is mainly just a difference in terminology used by what was once separate communities of artists using vastly different equipment. Those using movie cameras have historically used the term iris to describe the setting of the diaphragm that determines the size of the aperture, which is the opening itself. Those using still cameras have historically ...


Aperture is the actual opening, the device which creates the opening is called diaphragm, if diaphragm is adjustable, then it's called iris, because it has resemblance of an iris of an eye. So using "iris control" instead of "aperture control" gives you more information about what kind of device you're going to operate. There are other types of diaphragms ...


In almost every practical sensor, parts of each pixel or pixel cluster will be more sensitive to light than other parts. If an image which is focused on the sensor has a dense pattern of light and dark areas whose spacing is close to that of the pixels or clusters, the perceived brightness of that image may be affected by whether the light parts of the ...

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