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As a term, 'photo' paper is fairly useless as an indicator of quality but it usually means that the paper is coated and the coating is engineered to fit certain needs, such as:- controlling or limiting the spread of droplets applied to it holding a higher density of ink than paper (allowing for more dynamic range especially better blacks) protecting the ...


Split toning is a method that is used to introduce a colour tint(s) into the highlights and/or shadows of an image. It is used purely for aesthetic reason, and could be used to recreate the look of a particular film or just a completely unique look. Many films have colour casts in their shadows and/or highlights. This forms part of their "look", which you ...


It is probably complicated to reply accurately to your question without knowing which parameters have been used to generate the chromaticity diagram. However the following facts remain: Your linked chromaticity diagram colours have been altered / blurred to attenuate the discontinuities introduced by conversion from CIE XYZ tristimulus values to sRGB / ...

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