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Look at this enormous telephoto lens. Canon 300mm F4L EF USM Image Stabilizer Lens . So large , but it has a tripod mount built-in in it. I think this lens has no trouble on any tripod.


I really think this depends on what your are using it for. Generally, most people would get the prime because they have better aptures than their zoom counterparts. Also, for things like birding, most people usually just get a 600mm prime or something along the lines. The reason to not get the zoom is that they can usually just crop the photo if they ...


Sigma 120-300 f2.8 is a great option. On your D7000 this is effectively a 180mm to 450mm zoom - and fast! Second hand options are available well under £1000, which makes the slightly slower focus compared to the likes of the 400mm 2.8 easier to deal with. And you can shoot hand held for short periods...

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