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Assuming you're in the northern hemisphere and can escape the worst of the light pollution, you should be able to capture a pretty fair percentage of the Messier objects in pictures, even if the lens is a little dim to see them in the viewfinder. You should be able to rely on guide stars to get their rough location, though, and half the fun will be ...


Sure: I've taken picture of the Pleaides with just a fixed tripod and "bridge" camera, but you'll need a clock-drive to get exposures longer than 30 seconds or so without streaks. Digital cameras are subject to noise on long exposures, and you might need to stack multiple images. See and ...


Consider checking out the 135mm f/2 if price is an issue and you're happy to lose the extra reach in a telephoto. Better bokeh, sharper, extra stop.


It is possible to image galaxies with telephoto lenses. I won't go into a lot of detail, as Michael has already covered most of the basics. I'll simply demonstrate what can be done with a Canon DSLR (5D III in my case) and the Canon EF 600mm f/4 L II lens. I've imaged two of the larger galaxies in the night sky, Andromeda and Triangulum: These are ...


My question might be stupid but is this a .jpg picture from the camera or have you manipulated yourself a camera RAW file? From what I have read about the a6000 (a lot because I ordered one)is that its in-camera jpg processing is too heavy handed, sacrificing the resolution to an unacceptable degree. If this picture is indeed a camera .jpg, you could ...

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