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Using a teleconverter on a a Rebel body with a slow zoom lens is not likely to work well, unfortunately. Autofocus will not work and image quality is going to be poor. You are much better off saving to buy a longer lens.


Canon teleconverters won't fit because they have a protruding front element that needs a corresponding recess in the host lens, which only the Canon L-series teles have, but third-party ones from Tamron and others should fit. Not Sigmas, they have similar design to the Canons. Optical quality is another matter, it is usually desireable to stop down a bit to ...


Both Canon 1.4x and 2x extenders work - more information here (search within the page for extender). Additionally, fitting this on a 1.6x crop-sensor body will give an equivalent of 38.4mm focal length. This route would avoid the incorrect aperture reporting issues, and potentially offer better image quality than when using an extender - if you happen to ...


The Canon teleconverter (TC) has a lens element that extends out from the barrel and so prevents your current lens from mating to it. What that means is that you need a TC that doesn't extend like that. There are a few, but given that you have a Tamron lens, you might consider the Tamron 2x TC as an option. I couldn't find any documentation that said it ...

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