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I Googled online for an answer and also asked some people at the local camera store if they had any idea. I came to know that Canon has two 2x FD extenders FD 2X-A and FD 2X-B. Apparently FD 2X-A are for lenses 300mm or higher and FD 2X-B are for lenses below 300mm. So, I took a risk and bought a FD 2X-A extender from eBay and I was able to attach the ...


With a ideal 2x teleconverter, you will be 2 f-stops down from what the lens is set to. Think about the basic physics and this should be clear. A 2x teleconverter makes the dimension of anything in the image 2x larger. Something that would result in a 1x1 mm square with the bare lens results in a 2x2 mm square with the teleconverter. That 2x2 mm square ...


think yes but you will have several disadvantage that are mainly: very low light will reach the sensor (2x extender already "remove" several LUX) only manula focus and settings (speed) aperture could be unavailable if there is no settings on the lens itself (normaly there is one on old lens) no special coating on last lens of the group, so some ghost ...


The effective maximum aperture will be F/3.6. You can stop down from there to F/22 which will be equivalent to F/44. The camera will get the same amount of light as F/3.6 to autofocus since that is done wide-open.

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