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What teleconverter are you planning to use with that lens? TCs can be quite picky about what lenses they work with, optically and even physically. I've got a Sigma 1.4TC which definitely isn't compatible with my other lenses bar the big telephoto I bought it for, other Sigmas included; elements would hit each other if they were mounted together. That said, ...


Well yes, your effective field of view is the same as the FOV with an 896mm focal length lens on a 35mm sensor. However, a smaller sensor has a different magnification compared to a FF sensor at any given focal length - it doesn't crop an APS-C lens, but magnifies the focal length differently than a 35mm sensors does. The higher pixel pitch of most smaller ...


Yes, placing a teleconverter on a crop works exactly the same as on a full frame – you multiply the teleconversion factor by the lens focal length, and since it's on a crop, you factor in the 1.6x crop factor of a Canon APS-c to get an effective focal length of 896. Keep in mind that placing extenders on any lens will decrease its effective aperture. For ...


Well, the main thing is that crop factor doesn't really affect focal length. It just affects the field of view by making it narrower. So, what you really have is a 400x1.4x => 560mm lens combination on a crop body, which has the same FoV that an 896mm lens would have on a full frame body. So, unless you shoot full frame enough to translate focal lengths to ...


Yes many people do exactly what you suggest and end up with a field of view that is equivelent to an 896mm lens on a full frame camera.

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