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Most of the add-on "teleconverter" filters that are 52mm are designed to be used with fixed-lens cameras, not interchangeable lens cameras. It's common for bridge cameras to either have a 52mm or 58mm filter thread, or to allow for an accessory tube that attaches bayonet-style to add a filter thread. With a dSLR, the more common type of teleconverter to ...


The Canon 60D is compatible with both EF and EF-S lenses as it is an APS-C size crop sensor. A standard EF teleconverter will mount on a Canon 60D without a problem. I'm not sure that they are made, but if you were to find an EF-S specific teleconverter that would be an issue if you tried to mount it on a full frame camera such as the EOS 3. In your ...


In theory yes. Remember that the fstop is a relation between your aperture and the focal lenght. In theory if you have a 1.0 50mm lens, that means that you have an aperture of 50mm. If you double the focal lenght (2x) the relationship reduces to half, so it will be a 2.0 aperture. There can be some other factors as the quality of the lens elements, the ...


The Sony TCs are designed specifically for Sony G lenses and CANNOT be used with other lenses without risk of damaging both the lens and the TC - this is due to the extremely tight tolerance (about a mm gap) between the lens' rear glass and the TC's front glass. Likewise the new Sigma APO TCs are specifically tailored for a limited set of lenses such as the ...

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