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Essentially, this is related to the two exposures that you get when using a flash: from the ambient light from the flash light, which is brighter than the ambient, thus can overpower it shorter (does not last the entire shutter speed), thus can freeze action not illuminating everything The last one is the important thing here. A usual way to think ...


It is like you said: Expose on the background in order to get the background correct. However, the face will then often be too dark, so you could use a flash. But you cannot do it reverse: If you expose on the face, then the background is too light, but you cannot correct this. As an option, if you want to avoid a flash, you could make a series and make a ...


It means to set your camera to expose the sky correctly. If you are in Manual exposure mode you need to look in your viewfinder to see if the ISO/shutter speed/aperture you have selected exposes the sky properly by looking to see what the meter is telling you. Adjust the ISO/shutter speed/aperture until the exposure meter in your viewfinder says you are ...

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