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Photoshop's Photomerge is relatively limited as panorama stitching packages go. And most auto stitching programs require enough overlap and significant enough features to be able to match the images together. Shots where there may not be enough distinguishing detail in the overlap areas to anchor accurately can be problematic. In your scene, the ocean and ...


I am not sure if you can rescue the panorama above in Photoshop; manual work is problematic since Photoshop transforms the images to fit a chosen "layout". (An aside - it seems your horizon is not level, and normally this is crucial for these types of panos; your stand and head must be properly leveled. If you try to correct this in Photoshop the height of ...


How to improve my product photo shoot to look like Apple's Mac Pro product site? I think there are two important things to keep in mind: The main idea with low-key photography is that you want to underexpose the background so much that the camera reads it as black. It doesn't even matter if the background is black or gray or some other color -- if ...

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