Lightnings taking a ride

by ceinmart

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Looking at the shade from her hair and arm it looks like a single light was used. Looks like a beauty dish to me. I think I would go with just a single head in a Beauty Dish, with the dish being above and slightly left of the camera. I would angle it directly at her face, it seems that's where most of the light is going.


The biggest source of information about a lighting setup are the highlights in the eyes. You see one big blob of white in the upper half of it. This is very likely a one light setup. And that light comes from the top. Next thing to find out is what kind of light it is. For that, look at the shadows. The top hair provides a shadow line to examine. Even ...


I'm not a moon photographer, but your examples are just about as impressive as I've seen taken with a DSLR and standard camera lens. Some of the things you're looking at may help, but I think they're just going to be incremental. Additional sharpening is only going to get you so much, and the teleconverter is only giving you a less-than-50% increase in each ...

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