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First off, Canon Auto Focus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) is based in the camera, not the lens. When a particular camera/lens combination is calibrated using AFMA, it is the camera that is adjusted. You have the option of telling the camera to use an adjustment for all lenses, or to use an adjustment only for the particular lens attached at the time you adjust it. ...


No, it cannot. Only the higher-end models can. This generally means an XD model introduced after 2006, the 50D and the 70D (and one assumes, XXD models after the 70D). The dRebels (XXXD and XXXXD models) have never had this feature in them.


Unfortunately, I can't recommend using a telelconverter with the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 at all. The lens is pretty good for most of its range, but the weakest image quality is at 200mm. And the long end is where you're going to use a zoom the most when you have a teleconverter attached. The way a teleconverter works is to magnify the center of the image ...


I think that there is a general recommendation to use a teleconverter produced by the same manufaturer as the lens. It will probably have been designed to work with teles of the same brand. You should probably avoid Canon teleconverters, because they have physical dimensions that may be incompatible with the lens. As seen on this picture, the first ...

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