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That lens is designed to be used for APS-C sized sensors with the Canon EF-S mount. It projects a smaller image circle than is needed to cover the larger full frame sensor of your 6D. Most third party APS-C lenses do not include the additional tab that prevents them from being mounted on a FF Canon camera that uses the EF mount. That is why you can even ...


From the "Recommended For" tab of the Tamron web page for that lens: Tamron Di-II lenses are engineered expressly for digital SLR cameras with image sensors commonly referred to as APS-C, measuring approximately 24mm x 16mm. This means the image circle is sized for the smaller APS-C sensor, and is too small for a full-frame camera like the 6D. This is ...


I had the same problem with my 70mm-200mm f2.8 Tamron VC, where it stopped auto focusing and had it repaired through warranty. Not sure why this happen, I rarely use the lens, it's never be abused and still looks new. The repair report stated that the pc board, VC reset and a general cleaning. Works as expected now but not sure if and when it will stop ...

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