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Two words... Pressure Sensitivity. A digitizer tablet allows you to control parameters of brushes based on how hard you press down. This is a huge advantage that a mouse can't replicate in terms of control over your work. Note that this also takes some configuration to figure out how best to maximize and may involve having to refine your touch up ...


What kind of retouching are you doing ? only using the different buttons/sliders in Photoshop (or equivalent) or are you "drawing" stuff like masks, making hand-drawn selection, or actual painting ? A tablet is a tool that you need to learn to use; and learning is not something that is instantaneous; take your time. A tablet is a great tool when someone is ...


Not really, because an app can't decide for you which part of the scene you want to expose and focus in a certain way. Cameras in Auto mode attempt, with varying degrees of success, to guess what part of the scene to which the photographer wants to draw the attention of the viewer. If a machine could read our minds and expose/focus an image the way we want ...

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