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Napioa - Wind Origins
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"This resulted in an unexposed black bar at the bottom half of my image.". It is not "unexposed", the color is black. Note the rough edge, it is a Photo of a physical object that is out of focus (not the Sensor being 'broken' from that line down). The Shutter is likely the best answer, the same effect could be obtained by placing an object inside your ...


The issue is your shutter speed in combination with the fact that the YN-560 models are all manual-only flashes. See: Why is my camera limited to a shutter speed of 1/250th when the flash is up? Essentially, your camera controls your shutter speed by changing the size of the gap between the two shutter curtains. At your camera body's maximum sync speed, the ...


My camera has a between the lens leaf shutter which syncs at 1/2000th second whether being used manually or with ADI/TTL. I have really grown to love my Sony RX1r :)))

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