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The process is complicated but this should give an intuition into what's going on. Imagine you have a regular camera, but with motors to move the sensor half a pixel in any direction. Instead of taking one image this camera takes four: one centred, one shifted half a pixel right, one shifted half a pixel down, and one shifted half a pixel right and half a ...


you can check out: and the product:


Consider that the sensor is not a perfect capture device. Each pixel will be recorded with some amount of error. For example, if the most accurate value of a pixel is N, the sensor will record a value that is in a range N-E to N+E for a given E. For a good sensor E is small, a bad sensor will have a larger E. Also note that on each exposure a given pixel ...


My own experience with doing similar things would suggests that you should take all the pictures you need to take in one go using a using a tripod (note that tripods are cheap). The workflow for the projects I've done looks as follows. You take pictures with a tripod and remote control at the lowest ISO setting available. You should use manual focus and ...


The following is as I understand things. People should feel free to point out any misconceptions so that we are all edified, but hopefully will actually point out any they spot and not just mumble in their beer. (or beards or ...). Put simply and simplistsically, there is slightly different information in the different photos and various methods are used ...


This plugin for ImageJ will perform super-resolution processing but only for black-and-white images. I haven't used it myself though.

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