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It is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to tell at times. Here's a list a strategies I might use to tell the difference: Look for contextual clues. Even a tiny recognizable feature could reveal the cardinal direction. Atmospheric clarity. During a sunrise, the dust has had time to settle at night, making the sky clearer than at sunset, where there is a ...


AFAIK, if there is a body of water in the picture, it would be more still during sunrise than sunset because the cooler temperatures of the night results in less wind. From Scott Kelby's, The Digital Photography Book (the first) Another advantage of shooting at dawn (rather than at sunset) is that water (in ponds, lakes, bays, etc.) is more still at ...


You can also use a free tool that I've developed with a colleague. It computes the actual sunrise and sunset times for any location worldwide, accounting for terrain. The example in the image is for Chamonix in France. Go to suncurves.com to find your own location. Hope you like it! I'm using it for all my outdoor shoots.


The sun sets/rises later on a higher point than that point directly under it. The perfect ideal example is a person watching Sunset in the sea on a cliff while the other is down the cliff , the exact time difference can be calculated by analysing the triangle r , r+h where h is the height and r is Earth radius


I've made an app for Windows Phone 7/8 called Sun Tracker, which would cover more recent Nokia handsets. It includes some of the requested features: Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight times Augmented Reality Sun Position Tracking using phones latitude and longitude

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