India Point Park

India Point Park
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You have to shoot raw and then work with the contrast in post to emphasize the difference between the darker and lighter areas of the sunbeams. It usually looks better when you can do this by increasing contrast between the darker and brighter areas of the sunbeams without crushing the shadows into black or blowing the highlights that are outside the darkest ...


I've tried to capture the rays of light in the forest many times, and have largely only had middling success. Eventually, however, I realized that the problem is one of contrast. The contrast between the dark forest and the bright light is what makes these scenes interesting. The solution is to increase the contrast between the rays of light and the ...


If it is there, and you can see it... Try some bracketing and decide the best exposure. But your eyes are more sensitive, so you need some luck and get a really thicker fog. Depending on the angles, this could vary from one position to another, so move a bit. Theese rays are diferent if they are made of dust or smoke, becouse a dust one depends on fewer ...


Note that on this picture, the dynamic range is not as big as it seems. The photographer carefully avoided including the window itself, but suggests it with curtains. Bright curtains, for sure, but not as bright as the window itself.


Firstly, as another commenter has said, he's got objects functioning as reflectors in frame, even if not literal reflectors. Secondly, he's using a camera with a rather large dynamic range (A7Rii) so will get an automatic boost over a lower-spec camera. Thirdly, think of HDR differently. I always shoot raw and process using CaptureOne Pro. I can do a ...


The photographer can claim there are no reflectors all he wants, but there are several things visible in the photo that are functioning as reflectors! The pages of the book the child is holding are acting as reflectors to provide fill light on the face and the bottom of the child's left arm. Parts of the light colored chair are acting as a reflector, ...


It looks to me like the photographer has used a reflector to bounce light back on to the chair.


Are you restrcted to just use natural light from the window ? I would but 2 very powerfull flashes outside and tiny bit of smoke in the room . Adjust color temperature . This should do . It needs a lot of light measuring of course

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