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DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT A SOLAR FILTER which is metal that absorbs harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation that will damage your EYES and maybe your equipment (which can be replaced, unlike your eyes). ND Filters use dyes which do NOT cut the radiation in the dangerous areas of the spectrum. Further, the size of Mercury will be minuscule.


Field of View The sun is approximately 0.5° across in the sky. At 200mm on a DX (1.5 crop factor) body, the field of view (FoV) is 6.9° (wide) / 4.5° (high) / 8° (diag). In terms of Sun diameters (☉), the 200mm FoV is 13.4 ☉ wide by 9 ☉ high. According to Wikipedia, Mercury's diameter when viewed from the earth during May transits is 12 arcseconds. In ...


Probably not. But it depends on just how dark and what type your ND filter is. It can be very dangerous to both your equipment and your eyes to try and take photos of the sun without the proper precautions! The most damaging portion of direct sunlight to the internals of your lens, camera, and eyes are in infrared, not in the visible spectrum. The UV filter ...

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