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AFAIK, if there is a body of water in the picture, it would be more still during sunrise than sunset because the cooler temperatures of the night results in less wind. From Scott Kelby's, The Digital Photography Book (the first) Another advantage of shooting at dawn (rather than at sunset) is that water (in ponds, lakes, bays, etc.) is more still at ...


It is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to tell at times. Here's a list a strategies I might use to tell the difference: Look for contextual clues. Even a tiny recognizable feature could reveal the cardinal direction. Atmospheric clarity. During a sunrise, the dust has had time to settle at night, making the sky clearer than at sunset, where there is a ...


Unfortunately there is no better option than removing any filters you have on the lens, making sure the lens is clean and getting a better lens. Most of those kind of artifacts come from reflections within the lens and are an actual characteristic of the lens. Removing filters reduces the number of layers of glass it can reflect of of. Cleaning the lens ...


Lens hoods are used only to keep out light from outside the field of view, so they're not relevant when the light source is part of the image. Generally, lens flares are unwanted artifacts of the lens, so to eliminate them you just have to get a better lens - or filter, if you use any, since filters can also cause them. However, your description "horrible ...

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