Dracula's Castle

by BJHStudios

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In a 2012 interview with the artist, Ka Xiaoxi, at the beginning of his commercial career, he explains: I was inspired by Terry Richardson at the beginning. I loved his photos so much at the time. Now, I like others such as Helmut Newton, Jurgen Teller, Ryan McGinley, Hasisi Park, Tim Barber, etc. My style's very casual now, with some certain "Ka" style ...


He using : a ton of local adaptive contrast enhancement an extreme amount of curving extra amount of sharpening. Some news people on certain drugs started this effect (their eyes get sensitive to light from the drugs, so work on lower-light monitors, and actually they see this as a normal image when postprocessing). It is "captivating" because of the ...


The contrast is way too high. It seems he is good at avoiding the dark shadow by using angles and positioning, perhaps fixes the distqnce falloff in post, but leaves the contrast way up. Then again, the washed-out mid-tones but dark black cases in one photo doesn't seem like a simple flash. Why captivating? Maybe it's evocative of "deer in the headlights", ...

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