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You might find it inspiring to visit museums or galleries with others. I stress "with others" because you should take their opinions and observations into account. What better way to get out of your own mold than to examine someone else's? It may be easier for your girlfriend to show you what she sees on a 2D projection than in 3D space. It may also help to ...


This is gonna sound funny, but sometimes I squint really hard at a scene, to the point where the resolving power of my brain gives up and I just see the basic, fuzzy, light and dark shapes... helps a little. Sometimes I'll also do this when trying to crop a picture I've already taken into something a little less compositionally lousy. I suspect the ritual of ...


The book you're probably looking for is Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which has a number of exercises in it to break from seeing things as "things" or symbols of the thing, and getting to what it actually looks like as a specific shape of a 2d projection by kicking into "right brain" mode. Drawing negative space, drawing in ...

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