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Like null said, you don't want a tripod. In a studio environment it's just in the way too much. What you want is a camera stand. A camera stand has a small base with wheels to move it easily and a vertical pole that a platform and/or arm hangs off of to which you can mount your camera. Takes up little space, is very maneuverable in the tight spaces of a ...


I don't think that you want to use a tripod at all. For easier work, you want to place the product on some kind of table. Adjusting a tripod to point the camera on something on the table can be hard. Even if the middle column of the arm can act as a boom and be adjusted at an angle. A tripod provides a sturdy base at the cost of the space for three legs, ...


I created a plywood board with 3 cheap ceiling light fixtures, each holding 2 full size florescent tubes. This, mounted vertically, I found looks just like window light and will blend with other natural light when using the sun-lamp spectrum bulbs. If you're local to me you can have it (sans bulbs).

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