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Napioa - Wind Origins
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You don't need a dimmer bulb, you just need to disperse it properly so that it is more evenly distributed throughout the room. Rather than placing the bulb where it is shining directly on your monitor, place it in a fixture and bounce it off the neutrally colored walls and/or ceiling so the light is fairly uniform throughout the room. The standard (ISO norm ...


First of all the walls. Paint the walls in white. You can use a light neutral gray, but it could be not neutral, cool or warm, so you do not want that. Use the same temperature as your base monitor's one. Normally you will go for 6500K. You can use flourescent or led bulbs marked as 6500K. Or you can buy specialized lights like ...


While there are probably different approaches to this, in general, you probably want to avoid using a single, bright source. I prefer to have a couple of low power (10-20W) halogen sources in enclosures that completely block horizontal radiation of light, allowing it to flood onto the ceiling (and possibly also the floor). These don't have to be fancy ...

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