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Funny that a non photographer is asking for a camera in a specific price range. I understand that they need to shoot the models inside the art gallery. It is a diferent scenario of a runway and it is a diferent from shooting just the models. 1) If you need to shoot both at the same time, you need to be flexible, so you need a zoom lens, so the one included ...


At that price range, and without any other specific instructions, it is almost certain that the students will be expected to have the kit lens (18-55mm or 18-[something slightly longer]) that often comes with a new crop-sensor (APS-C or DX) camera. Apart from the slightly inconvenient fact that Nikon users will have a slight advantage over Canon users in the ...


in your case i would buy a entry-level DSLR-body like a Nikon D3300 and a 50mm f1.8 prime lense. This lense is made for such scenarios and you can achieve very sharp and high quality images and you have enough money left to care about studio lightning :)

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