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The answer depends on the purpose of the photos. As you've already discovered, each color has its own effect and quirks. Adequate lighting that does not create unwanted shadows is going to be essential with any kind of background, because those shadows will also manifest on subject. Background and lighting for passport or other document pictures is usually ...


The PC sync ports on a YN-622C are output-only, not input. They are solely to be used to hook a flash up to a receiver 622 unit, NOT to be used as an output signal from a camera hotshoe. If you want to sync over a PC cable, you have to get a hotshoe-to-PC adapter for your camera, and then cable the hotshoe to the flash's PC port. To use YN-622C units with ...


All studio strobes are compatible with YN-622C's. YN-622C's are overkill though because the studio strobes will not be able to take full advantage of the ETTL and HSS features. You really just need a simple radio trigger. Yes, you may be using them improperly. To make the YN-622C's work with your 60D and strobes you just need to mount one YN-622C in the ...


I think you can do better. Adorama has a 300 w/s Flashpoint kit with two lights, stands, and umbrellas for less than $250. You could get two of these plus a set of wireless triggers for less than the cost of the Metz kit, and you would have a four light setup that would allow you a great deal more freedom. Search for SKU FPLFBF300K2 to see what I'm talking ...


The Metz is a starter studio set, but it might suit your needs very well. Other options in a similar price range are Elinchrom D-Lite, Impact (B&H Branded strobes), Dynalight (re-branded versions of RimeLight from Korea) and a host of others you can find at B&H and Adorama. Check their used equipment too. Sometimes you can score a great deal on a ...


You will think this is crazy but -- you can dot your camera lens with black wax pencil. If you are afraid, mount a UV filter and dot it with wax. The dots will not image, they will reduce the light transferring the lens. You can cover the lens with aluminum foil. Pierce the center with as sewing needle. You are making a pin-hole that acts as an additional ...

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