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Complementary to the other answer (by @b-shaw), which focusses on creating this effect in post processing, I'll try to explain how you can achieve this effect "in real life". Your camera captures light (fotons). So you need a light source (in your example at the right side, above the field of view of the camera) and something the light can reflect upon. ...


Bring the model as far forward as you can to open up as much distance as possible between the model and the backdrop and to bring the light(s) in as close to the model as possible without getting it in shot. You then drop the level of the lighting to suit the closer positioning As light falls off in accordance with the inverse square law, you have the same ...


I elect not to answer your question. Really, there are two questions: One in your title, "How do I setup my studio for shooting large rugs from the ceiling?" And the other, "Could you please suggest the best way for mounting the camera to the ceiling, ...". What you ideally want A flatbed scanner is what your ideal solution is. You have a planar surface ...

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