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Have you considered a wiki for keeping track or your notes and organising things. It would handle images which you could generate by either photographing your sketches or using some other software. You could go as far as drawing reusable components in illustrator and simply plonking them in the right position and exporting it to .svg when you need. ...


What about starting a blog? You could document your pre-shoot notes, then add some set up shots, and finally some of the resulting shots. Not only does it document your learning process, it's there for others to learn from too. Plus you can get feedback through the comments.


I elect not to answer your question. Really, there are two questions: One in your title, "How do I setup my studio for shooting large rugs from the ceiling?" And the other, "Could you please suggest the best way for mounting the camera to the ceiling, ...". What you ideally want A flatbed scanner is what your ideal solution is. You have a planar surface ...

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