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by Vian Esterhuizen

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Well I don't know if that is what you want to achive or a result of a photo of yours you want to improve. I will only coment that for low key photos probably the shoot through umbrellas are not the best option becouse they spill a lot of light. I'm imagining the violin and the face photo, and I supose you want more contrast, the dark side of the face as ...


Just me, but I'd say, you're missing the skills and practice, not the tools. Your gear is a pretty good basic three-light setup (assuming you just didn't feel like listing the stands and swivels). You have umbrellas, and a 24" softbox, and while they might be a little small, they're still pretty decent-sized. The main thing you have to learn here is that ...


Photography is not about how much gear costs. Its about light. The ilumination That is a 4 light setup. 1 hard light on a "Rembrant" position to the right. 2 side lights (one on each side) Looks hard light to me. 1 Background light. If you do that with 4 incandescent lightbulb, speed lights or studio flashes, dosen't matter. There is this YongNuo ...

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