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They're compatible for given values of compatible. :) They work as manual radio triggers, if you get a PC-to-3.5mm sync cable to connect one unit as a receiver to the AlienBee 800. However, the "supersync" (aka hypersync, tail sync) feature, which allows for faster-than sync-speed shutter speeds, does not work with the AB800. The YN-566C-TX dedicated ...


The main reason why there will be reflection on such a surface will be due to light spillage and light bouncing off bright walls. my suggestion is to block this light spillage with Matt Black Cards Set up your panels; standing or flat, makes no difference, it is how you wish to display them so that you are able to show the maximum beauty of each panel. Get ...


With strobes, you will have a harder time figuring out how to get it right. With continuous lighting you just move things and see. With still-life you don't have to worry about exposure time (within reason), so that makes it quite practical. You might also consider sunlight. Outdoors in open shade is great and big. Include a gray target in part of the ...


You need a tent. I have a small table-top unit and shot perfect photos of a watch with no glare from the glass, and more recently some glass bottles that had horrible reflections (even could see myself!) Look up lighting tent so you know what I'm talking about. For your setup, get some suitable fabric and string a couple lines of paracord over the sample ...


Note: the content originally written for Stack Exchange is also published on my own website Although the content is the same, the website contains interactive illustrations which enable to see what each light adds to the setup, as well as the list of books which served as sources. The lighting setups shown below describe different ...


Use the histogram and test shots. That shows the contrast, from the horse's mouth. You might also test each strobe separately to see the effect on the image, to tune the effect you want as well as simply making sure everything is captured in the exposure. Use full manual mode on the camera, for repeatable results. Shoot a test target as well as your ...

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