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The point in using a softbox is to create a softer light, that means, a light that creates soft transitions from lighted areas to shadows. By the laws of physics and how light works, what defines whether a lightsource is soft or hard is its relative size to the subject being illuminated. In a softbox the diffuser (the white fabric in the front) is meant to ...


A regular softbox is not going to fit on this type of light. They are designed for strobes with a single bulb which acts as a point light source and attach via a small hole in the back. This light seems to consist of a series of florescent tubes and is thus a much larger lightsource to begin with, and will be pretty soft in it's standard configuration. You ...


Forget about the Neewer units unless you are just testing out the idea of studio flash with an eye to upgrading quickly. They are essentially the same units as the Adorama Flashpoint 300WS Budget Studio Flash (there are just some minor cosmetic differences), and while a 3-light kit with stands and modifiers for $300 is a good buy, it's only a good buy for ...


Umbrellas work just fine with speedlights. The light from a speedlight is not too directed for that, especially if you use white umbrellas which will spread the light more or less independently of which direction it came from. I will echo James's comment to check out Strobist.com for info on how to make good use of off-camera speedlights. The most useful ...

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