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If you just need to hold the flash in place while using it with the Air 1 Commander to control it remotely, any regular ISO-compatible cold shoe (i.e., a cold shoe that works for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and everybody else) should fit. The ISO standard specifies the physical dimensions of the shoe.


You have four options: 1) cover the windows with warming gels to match the tungsten lighting 2) cover the windows completely 3) shoot early or late in the day as the sun is rising or setting (golden hour) 4) replace the tungsten lighting with daylight balance bulbs


This is very easily achievable with just natural window light from the left and a big white reflector on the right. The window can be replaced with one softbox of a minimum size of 60cmx40cm. This will give you the larger catch light in the eyes to the left and the smaller to the right. Position the chair so that when you sit, you are looking at the far ...


I'd go with a three light setup. One for the background, however complex you want it to be, a bare bulb can be enough, but if you want a completely linear transition you need to try out a bit. For the main light you'd need a softbox of similar lightformer, find direct lighting comparisons here: http://hensel.eu/en/compare-light-formers/ You can use a third ...


You will think this is crazy but -- you can dot your camera lens with black wax pencil. If you are afraid, mount a UV filter and dot it with wax. The dots will not image, they will reduce the light transferring the lens. You can cover the lens with aluminum foil. Pierce the center with as sewing needle. You are making a pin-hole that acts as an additional ...

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