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Sorry, there is no way to make older studio strobes automatic, or even semi-automatic. You must use Manual mode for every photo. 1/200 is the max sync speed on your camera, but when using radio triggers, there is sometimes a very slight delay introduced. To be safe start with with 1/160 f/8 ISO 100. You can then adjust the power of the strobes to get the ...


Canon 550D have sync speed 1/200 sec. so at least you should keep the shutter speed on this or lower value. So from my point of view you should not let camera to choose shutter speed


Photography is not about how much gear costs. Its about light. The ilumination That is a 4 light setup. 1 hard light on a "Rembrant" position to the right. 2 side lights (one on each side) Looks hard light to me. 1 Background light. If you do that with 4 incandescent lightbulb, speed lights or studio flashes, dosen't matter. There is this YongNuo ...

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