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I have used both types of umbrella lighting. I prefer using flash over regular flood lighting. One change I made that had a big difference, I purchased some white silk 36-inches wide. I made a several frames of different sizes out of wood, and put flood lights behind it to make it into one large light source. One is square, the other is six feet long. If ...


White shoot through or white with a black reflective back are both good choices. The quality of light is going to be similar and the much of the differences will be due to other factors such as distance to the subject, room size, and reflective surfaces in the room. Reflective umbrellas concentrate more light forward so they are more efficient but shoot ...


You need to disable exposure simulation. The EOS M doesn't have a menu option for this but it is disabled with an ETTL flash or ETTL trigger in the hotshoe. (actually any Canon "dedicated" flash will also communicate with the camera and disable Exp Sim) You could also install Magic Lantern as it includes a menu option to disable Exp Sim.

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