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You can use a strobe to stop motion. Even unwanted! Model moves, camera shakes - who cares with high speed strobes? You use the strobe to freeze the picture, not the shutter, basically... You can use a strobe to avoid excessive suffering of models from strong lighting. Don't underestimate this, this is a serious factor. To have the same wattage continuous ...


Studio strobes are actually much, much, EXTREMELY MUCH more powerful than any remotely sane continuous lighting setup (at lighting scenes for photography). This is because a strobe delivers its ridiculously high intensity light only for a ridiculously short time - usually shorter than your shutter speed. For example, the AlienBees B400 provides 7000 ...


Quick Answer You don't need it, and possibly don't even want it. You do want a Sto-Fen or similar push-on diffuser, though. Details I know Stan knows what he's talking about, but I had some downtime this afternoon and my normal models are off watching the new Muppet movie with friends, so I decided to experiment a bit. The Setup Westcott Rapid Box 26" ...


Small rooms make very bad studios. No lights or light modifiers are going to help you much, if the light reaches you subject then it's going to past your subject and bounce off every surface. Your only hope is to reduce the amount of light bouncing off your walls by covering them with a dark material. You can use velvet or any widely available slightly ...


I recently visited a professional photographer to learn some portrait techniques, and he used some black "boards" that he placed up against the white walls to avoid light spill. The boards were simply long boards of polystyrene painted black (I think they are made for heat insulation purposes). So they are easy to pull out and set up when you need them.

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