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You can get different white balance on subject and background when you use flash and gels. That's one of the points of using flashes. http://neilvn.com/tangents/gelling-your-flash-for-effect-blue-background/ http://neilvn.com/tangents/photo-shoot-progression-of-an-idea/ (and many more on his blog) The white balance of the flash is fixed. The color of the ...


A shot like this requires you to shoot during the golden hour. The light at this time of day will be very warm/yellow with very pronounced shadows. Other factors that can help you get a shot similar to this include careful application of additional light sources such as a reflector, as well as special consideration for what lens may produce the desired ...


First, to get this warm and yellow background, you need to be shooting in that kind of light, which generally only happens at sunrise and sunset. You can see by the catchlight in the eyes that the photographer was using a fairly large reflector to get light back onto the subjects. Also, you will notice that the super golden part of the light is way off in ...

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