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Don't think of the background light as just a background light. Play with it. If you double the distance you will diminish the fallout. You will need to double the output, and probably put a card so you don't spill light to your subject. But play with the light, cut a cardboard in diferent shapes. From diferent angles Put a difuse before the ...


Gear-wise, the list is pretty simple. You need a flash and a way to trigger it remotely and a way to control the power output of the flash. This typically means a flash with manual power control and cheap radio triggers of some kind. This will then be followed by a need to position the flash where/how you want it and some type of diffuser, which leads to a ...


What to look for? It really doesn't matter, as long as it has a manual mode. I'd get 2-3 Yongnuo flash units and some decent accessories such as transmitters, triggers, stands, reflectors, umbrellas, etc. as well for that budget. But if you can find just about any manual flash a friend or family member has lying around; it can certainly keep you busy ...


I think this is pretty well covered on the second page of Strobist 101: here's what your flash absolutely has to have: The ability to work in manual mode, and to do so at different power settings. (I.e., full power, ½ power, ¼ power, etc.) [...] If your flash has that, skip buying another flash for right now until you have a chance to play with the gear ...

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