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How much do i have to step back in order to compose my picture? That depends on how close you were to the subject in the first place. Which lens is better and why? It's really not a matter of what's better. It's just what you want. So, yes, a 35mm lens on a camera with a 1.6x crop factor behaves about like a 50mm on a full frame camera, and 50mm ...


You said you own an 18-55mm zoom lens. You can just set that one to 35mm and 50mm (there is a scale on the barrel that tells you what focal length your current zoom position corresponds to). That way, you can see the field of view each focal length gives you for yourself. Even though the same focal length will give you a different field of view on ...


What I want to do is be able to use the camera at night in the city and get as much natural/environmental light without use of higher ISO (digital noise) Well you need to forget that idea. High ISO is a must regardless of lens choice for night shooting without a long exposure or flash. If noise is a major issue for then get good noise reduction ...


What max aperture is the Zeiss. Do you have a link to a specification? I have a Sony A77 mk1 which is somewhat worse in low light than a mk2 so gives a guide. In general terms the A77i is goodish at ISO 800, bearable at 1600 and usable at 2400 or 3200 if you value a usable image over noise. ie 800 would be daytime max if you cared somewhat. More at night ...

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