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I was wondering which lens should I invest in that isn't quite pricey Well lenses do not contribute to image quality in dark , it is the aperture and the shutter that control the amount of light entering the camera. which mode and which setting should I set when I take pictures of the night sky. There are 2 ways, Method 1 Use a larger ...


The essential thing for night photography is a tripod. If you do not already have one, that is where you should spend your money. A cable-release helps too but I don't recall if your camera has one. Check the manual first. Then you should get a good quality lens, preferable one with a bright aperture. The brightest, the more you will be able to see while ...


The answer depends on what you mean by night sky. For photographing landscapes, stars as well as the blue hour the best start is actually a tripod and not a new lens. It allows for longer exposures in dark conditions. Additionally you can easily create landscape panoramas with the help of the tripod head. From there use a lens whose focal length fits to ...


I was wondering which lens should I invest in that isn't quite pricey. Well, first off, lenses aren't investments. They're expenses. Nobody really buys a lens with the express intent of waiting for it to appreciate and then selling it at a profit. :) And "pricey" is in the eye of the beholder. I might tell you the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens if ...


One of the best lens for night photography is 50mm with aperture f1.8. It gives you noise free and great shots. Hope this helps.

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