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I depends on the camera, but it probably doesn't matter all that much, especially for newer models. Some medium format folks are religious about always keeping the works in tension. Some models only engage and link with the lens when cocked, and this linkage is key to whole works -- you can't even remove a lens without cocking the shutter release in some ...


It is probably only advisable to enter tension in the system if your camera is being transported (e.g. travelling on a bumpy road), as some force may keep moving things in place. Prolonged tension of springs may result in them "aging" (dislocations (errors) in the metal accumulate and eventually crack), see fracture. Tension can also result in creep. And if ...


I've read that the performance is indeed comparable (at least from reputable vendors), so that makes the only real factors the form factor and the price. I find using an adapter a mild inconvenience, since it's one more thing to worry about, but I don't think that's a big deal. I also don't think "future proofing" is a big deal either, since cards don't ...

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