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If the bag is subject to enough force to damage the hood, then I'd be worried for the lens/camera. There should be no problem leaving the hood on, however it can take up a lot more space. For this reason most hoods can be reversed for storage. If they can't be reversed, I often take the hood off and place it loose around the lens for extra protection.


1.) Keep it away from the tiny hands of a 2-year old. 2.) Store in a bright, dry place that has protection from dust.


If you store your camera with the lens attached it needs to be somewhere away from dampness as well as safe. I've got mine in a basket that sits inside a bedside cabinet with a dry tea towel loosely draped over it, and I have the silica gel sachets littered about the basket. The silica gel sachets are well worth the money(as has been stressed in these other ...


Most important factor to consider when storing a camera; is to ensure the area is dry, moisture free and it is a dust free environment. otherwise, you can breed Fungus spores. I collect old camera and they are all kept inside a Velvet Lined wooden box with Silica Gel pouches chucked in the box to ensure that any unexpected moisture is absorbed. Cameras ...


The two key issues are: Dust. If the shelf is in a dust free environment then it makes no difference in this regard. Most shelves in most houses, however, are not in a dust free environment. Risk of physical damage If there is no risk of something falling on the camera or knocking it off the shelf then there is no additional risk. Otherwise the damage from ...


If you are storing camera at home, you could do the following to keep it safe: Find a dry place to store the camera. If you are keeping inside a box, put a small puch of silica gel, just in case there are any moistures. Keep them at a place or a locked cupboard so that it does not fall off. Definitely keep it away from dust areas. HTH.

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