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I have tried this myself. Difference to long-term storage of unexposed film is obvious. Controlled purposeful freezing is far from what happens in a garage or open attic during a year of ever-changing weather. Weather is a problem, not the cold temperature alone. In a normal Canadian winter and spring the temperatures go repeatedly below freezing point and ...


While I have not tried this personally, I can't think of any reason why storing them at cold temperatures would be a problem. Unexposed film is actually frequently frozen in order to preserve it. If anything, I would expect that the cold temperature would be more likely to prevent problems than cause them as long as there wasn't any frost to cause damage. ...


I use Reject for quick selection of blurred/underexposed/etc. pictures - and delete those. I use stars just to select good pictures. Usually I use only 4 stars for good pictures, then I just filter by 4 stars, and review those (compared to others) and give 5 stars for the really good ones, and sometimes change the 4 stars to 3 if it is not as good as some ...


Personally, I use pick for images I plan to do further touch up on. They may be any rating. Flags are separate from rating and artificially limiting them serves no purpose. Those who want to use them in concert can with minimal extra effort this way, but if it followed your suggested approach, then it would be impossible for many people to operate the way ...


You've combined the pick/reject model with the star rating model -- which is fine -- however that's not necessarily representative of everyone's use. Personally, in my initial sort I almost never use pick but always use reject. Anything I don't want to keep is rejected (and deleted) so the remaining ones are, arguably, all picks. Marking all photos as pick ...


Separated Flag and Rating tools have some benefits: Rating value can be written into image metadata while Flag is stored in your database (catalog) only. You can Pick the photos with 3 or 4 stars, but you might still need to distinquish images that you picked. One of the Daminion's customers marks images that were rejected by his clients but these images ...

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