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In my point of view, it's not only important that you yourself know the license, but also that you have a proof of it. One day you may receive a letter from a copyright lawyer claiming that you use these images in an illegal way. My own practice: For every image / song / video that I download I also save the web page with the license statement as PDF and ...


Good light. Rafael's answer covers this very well. With regard to photos taken in less than ideal light you will find your options in processing much more limited. As the old saying goes, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still just a pig." Correct exposure. With negative film we exposed for the shadows to get enough density. With digital we ...


In my opinion we have 2 steps here. The second step: Post processing I'm starting with the second one. The post processing. It is not that heavy at all. I am not using lightroom on this example but it is the same for diferent aplications. Play with the levels. 1) I aumented the gamma (which is a very specific kind of curve) to arround 2-2.3. (probably in ...

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