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They don't need flash. In bulb mode, a long exposure would bring plenty of light. The model would have to stay firm at least 3 hours for that much movement of the stars. I think is possible only with a low light long exposure and photoshop balance


One possibility is the combination of a long exposure time + flash; you do the long exposure for the sky and, at the end of the exposure, you use a flash/strobe to expose the house/model (in this case). Of course you have to take into account the placement of the flash, so it wouldn't shine directly at your lens, but I believe this is possible.


but let's say the photographer didn't have possibility to turn off the light there... Why not? You are making it artificially complicated by not allowing it without knowing if it was indeed not possible. Maybe he just did it this way. Turning a light off can be as simple as covering it with something. Take a look at how the shadows of the framework ...

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