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I agree with Randy's response but believe I have a better solution for case a. If noise reduction of the sky background is your intent, you can take a few short exposures and stack them in DSS with alignment on to increase the overall S/N, without the foreground motion becoming excessive and blurring into the area where your composited foreground long ...


That lens could work. Note that we are assuming wide angle shots of things like the Milky Way, basically you're taking night landscape shots. If you wanted astro shots of smaller sections of the sky then your plan won't work.


Yes, you can use a wide, manual focus, large aperture, prime lens for both astrophotography and landscape photography. You can use just about any lens to capture landscape photography, it depends on the vision you have and the scene; but a lens such as the one you described will give you many opportunities for landscape photography and it will capture them ...

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