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xvYCC is a particular clever way of encoding color data: it abuses the YCC representation by using previously-forbidden combinations of values to represent colors outside the gamut of the RGB space used in the YCC scheme. That is, some YCC tuples decode to colors with negative R G or B values. Previously these were simply illegal; in xvYCC these are ...


Yellow is not a native color of the monitor. The screen is composed of red, green and blue sub-pixels. If red, green and blue all look fine, then something else is going on with the yellow. There is a good possibility that this is a physical limitation of the screen's color gamut, since you said that full red and full green look the same, but full red and ...


It is very likely that your monitor cannot support the full AdobeRGB gamut. The best way to convert an image from one color space to another with minimum changes in color reproduction is by following the below process: Having set your workflow's color management to AdobeRGB (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc) Having your monitor profile set in AdobeRGB as well ...

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