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In this particular case, I'd probably tackle it with lots of cold coffee, a big roll of paper towels, and a very big box of those cookies. Couple that with some real patience, a partner or long cable release, very fast shutter speeds (given it is outdoors, it'll be the shutter that freezes the moment), and several exposures in sequence. Putting those ...


Many options. What you consider looks best is very much a matter of personal preference and experiment will tell you more than straight instructions, but the following may help. In this case - not the only way, in the 1st image note that the depth of field is narrow and centred around the front duck, making it and a band of ?water? sharp. Background ducks ...


It is my understanding that the more experienced photographers in this area use sound triggers such as the Nero Trigger, TriggerTrap, or PhotoTrigger. They typically are just simple microcontrollers that can be triggered by a variety of different things, such as sound. They also allow you to setup a delay typically so you can capture the perfect moment that ...


As John Cavan said, however I would substitute the cookie being dropped with a small stone, that way you dont waste them and get coffee full of bits. I dont think you would get a splash that size, from biscuits the size of the ones in the photo either.


The first picture is taken with a Canon 40D, a camera with a myraid of options. The second picture however is the product of a point-and-shoot type camera. This should tell you that for what you consider good rain shots, you don't need any special lens or camera, just a good understanding of how to use it. In this case I'd go for an all-round lens, in my ...

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