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I can confirm that if you use a Yongnuo YN-622C, you will be able to trigger your canon speedlights. The setup that I have is 1 Profoto TTL Air remote, 2 Yongnuo YN-622C, 1 430EX II flash, 1 B1. One of the Yongnuo goes between the camera and the Profoto Air remote. The other on the speedlight.


TL;DR: Yeah, you guessed right. You can't get HSS or TTL cross-brand. Flash hotshoe protocols are mostly brand-specific TTL and HSS are hotshoe protocol-specific. That is, you need a Canon camera to do HSS with Canon HSS-compatible flashes; and with a Sony A-7, you'd need a Sony HSS-compatible flash (i.e., probably a Sony HLV speedlight, or 3rd-party ...


Time for an updated entry, as the cheap flash landscape has changed considerably in the last five years. As regards the small softbox, see: Are small on-flash softboxes useful, or a gimmick? I'm also moving the budget to $200, since that's more where the "used OEM vs. 3rd-party TTL flash" tipping point seems to be. At $150, as Rowland mentioned, used OEM ...

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