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There is no hard limit to how many YN-560III flashes you can set off remotely with the appropriate transmitter device, as long as the flashes can receive the radio signal. Four is well within its capabilities. However, the YN-560III only has a built-in radio receiver. You still need a radio transmitter. The following Yongnuo models can all be used as a ...


You are somewhat incorrect on your assumption of not needing a wireless trigger. This will work, but only in optical trigger mode. That is, using the cameras built in flash control (I believe it is called CLS in the Nikon world). If you want to take advantage of the built in radio receivers, then you will need a single radio trigger on your camera, as it ...


The YN560III has a built-in receiver, but it still needs a transmitter. You will need at least one RF602/603 transceiver to act as the transmitter. As for the number of flashes you can control, that would be literally as many as you can cram into the radio range of the transmitter. Your problem with the Neewer flash(es) and radio transmitter was probably ...


Is there a way to use HSS off-camera with the current equipment, or with additional minimum investment? You can use a Canon 90EX as a relatively inexpensive ($129) master unit that will drive the 430EX II in slave mode. The 90EX doesn't offer high speed sync itself, but it works fine with the 6D to trigger slaves such as the 430EX II that can do HSS.


I bought the Neewer/Viltrox f210. They doo Ettl and HSS. Their only drawback is they're not very rugged. Functionally they are fine. $50/pair so I bought and extra two

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