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No Canon or Yongnuo flash can simultaneously be used as a slave and a master. It has to be one or the other. The way the YN-568EXII is tripping the 430EXII is via a series of optical light pulses--as a wireless TTL master it can communicate a ton of stuff aside from the fire signal. But it can only do that if it receives additional signals from the camera ...


If the flash has enough power to properly expose the scene it should. But if your manual settings require more light from the flash than it can provide it will be unable to do so. Additionally: Insure that the shutter speed is at or below your camera's flash sync speed so that both shutter curtains are completely open at the time the flash fires. Insure ...


Your camera can only meter the light in the scene. The flash hasn't flashed yet, so there's no flash for the camera's meter to measure and account for. Your camera can adjust the built-in flash automatically because it can "speak" to the flash to perform TTL (through the lens) metering. The camera tells the flash to fire a "preburst" of light at a known ...

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