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Unfortunately the 600EX pc terminal is designed for a trigger from a canon camera through a sync cable and when you use optical triggers the flash will fire once and then turn off the sync terminal to protect itself, you then have to turn the flash off and back on again to reset the flash terminal so it will work again, apparently there is some optical ...


No. It will not work as a master off-camera. None of the Canon flashes can be used simultaneously as a slave and a master. The 90EX is only a master unit if used on the hotshoe, or tethered off-camera with a TTL cable. If used on manual-only radio triggers, there's no way for it to sense it should perform master communication. And TTL radio triggers act ...


Yes, using a 90EX as a master unit to trigger the 430EX II is exactly a use case that it was designed for. Keep in mind that this is an optical connection and it's not all that reliable or far reaching. For much more detail and additional non-optical options take a look at this previous question: How can I fire a single canon 430ex flash remotely from a ...

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