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Tim, for a passport size photo, use any camera that gives your 5MP. That will give you a good quality PP photo. But then make sure you follow the other guidlines as stated in the website for other PP requirements. Here is an excellent link - tomsguide on how pixels translate to prints. HTH.


Passport photos are in the "lowest common denominator" portrait category right beside your driver's license. A vending machine photo works (and has been used for decades). it's supposed to look like you after a 12-hour flight in rough weather plus a lengthy gate delay at each end, not after a session with a stylist. I don't even bother combing my hair. The ...


Short: The phone you mention MAY be OK. Trying one is the only sure way to know. User reviews should give a guide. You would want good lighting, at least. There are many much better ways to get a quality photo than to use a low-cost-phone camera. The phone's camera is only part of what you get for the purchase price, meaning that the camera itself is a ...

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