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No one publishes standardized camera specs online based strictly on ISO standards. The basic problem is that many of these standards were originally written to be applied to categories specific to the nature of photographic film. Even though they have been updated to apply to digital imaging, there are enough differences between how film images are captured ...


The best answer I could find to this by googling was a "Pick and Place" blog article where the author describes what he's discovered about the EF-S mount connections: It looks like you send signals on DIN's rising edge (DIN is the middle of the five small ...


NB: this answer was written when the question was asking about the shutter, rather than the diaphragm. It may be deleted soon. There is no shutter in the 24-105; almost every camera system smaller than medium format has a focal plane shutter in the body, rather than a leaf shutter in the lens. The only exception I know of is the Pentax Q system.

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