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According to Adobe's Camera Raw Supported Cameras page, the A58 requires Camera Raw version 7.4 According to their Compatible Adobe applications page, CS5 only supports ACR plugin version 6 (6.0-6.7). Are you using CS6? If so, should be able to update camera raw as high as version 8.71, according to that page.

0 I'm waiting for more news on the adapter shown in the link above. I really don't want to sell all my Nikon glass but I do want to change to mirrorless. All rights, credit and thanks to Sony Alpha Rumors for getting the information about this adapter out to the ...


I'd just received today the Fotodiox OM-NEX adapter. I have a Sony NEX-5 and it work fine. I can now use all my "old" Olympus OM Zuiko full frame film lenses. I just had to go to Menu, Setup, and Enable Release w/o Lens. My "old" lenses are not autofocus, so I use them like with my old (film) OM-1, 2 & 4, manual focus. With the Focus Peaking, the ...

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