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From my comment on the question: I would assume that it's "mechanical device service", and probably just an internal code for tracking the cost of the labor to do the service.


No, there will not be any damage. Yes, you should turn it off. The feedback loop often caused additional vibrations but not enough to damage a lens. Some lenses are equipped with a tripod-detection but really do you want to count of this working perfectly all the time? A much better habit is simply to turn it off every time you are on a tripod rather than ...


Yes on the in camera Image sensor shift stabilization you need to turn it off for tripod use. Will it damage your camera? probably not but your images will sometimes get shake caused by the sensor shift so it is counter productive. I have often forgotten to turn it off on my Sony A99 and have no ill effects except shaken images LOL. OH by the way Im ...


While a feedback loop is ..technically possible, assuming some kind of detection and compensation system in the lens exists. (And this page claims its potentially damaging) - I find it incredibly unlikely that it will actually cause damage. The vibrations that such a loop causes should be such an order of magnitude lower than say...engines from a motorcycle ...


There is no reason I know of that using an image stabilised lens on a tripod should damage the lens. It is, however, counterproductive as the tripod itself is already stable and any movements you make with the tripod will be fought by the image stabilization. If you try to move the camera while it is on the tripod, the IS will slow down how fast the lens ...

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