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Every single DSLR will have an Auto mode that's good enough for your needs. Yes, Sony A58 got slightly more elaborate auto mode than the competitors (in a matter a fact it actually has two auto modes: green and orange) but for a vast majority of photographs - it won't make a difference you'd ever notice. A58 got one advantage from a perspective of someone ...


The DSLR-A550 can not be controlled from the PC. You can use some wireless remote control units and a HDMI cable to connect to an external monitor, but changing camera settings is not possible via a remote.


It's called "Nisen Bokeh" and is mainly due to the lens design (though the background plays a part, it's possible to "provoke" this effect with any lens with the right background). Overcorrected spherical aberration (blur disks which are brighter in the periphery than the centre) is usually to blame. It's showing up more often with the A7 due to the use of ...


In my opinion, your LCD joint is triggering the Movie button. What happens if you are in Movie mode and repeat that procedure? And what if you enable the Movie button "always"? If that starts recording a video, then I'm right and you should send the camera to Sony and have them fix it. If I'm wrong, and after a reset this problem persists, and you have the ...


What you are demonstrating in your pictures is more of a case of "aliasing" than pixelation. If that's what you mean (the perception that the picture is composed of straight lines rather than proper curves), it happens because of the real time picture resize algorithms the camera uses to display the 24MP images coming from the sensor on the 2MP EVF, and it ...


There is a SAL1855 service manual here Actual link is via "Get Manual" at lower left of page - appears authentic. 40 pages in English and 78 total. Attempting to just copy download address directly failed - they control free downloads to 2 per day and that is probably part of their mechanism for doing so. It would be interesting to see what else they have. ...


Yes, there are adapters with full function (the pretty expensive Metabones adapter springs to mind) so you'll have aperture control, but the AF performance won't be anything near what you're used to on EOS mount. To quote from their website for the Mk III EOS->E adapter: Autofocus is supported, with the following known limitations. Autofocus speed ...


Roger Cicala of lensrentals.com is less than enthusiastic about converters in general, http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/09/there-is-no-free-lunch-episode-763-lens-adapters, and if you follow the link you'll see why- they can very often reduce image quality, even though they have no glass elements in them.

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