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STF stands for "Smooth Transition Focus", and is a Sony-specific* term indicating that the lens includes an apodization filter to create smooth bokeh (out-of-focus blur) — and smooth bokeh is generally considered to be the best bokeh. So, you'd generally use it for non-studio portraiture or in other cases where that blur is an important artistic element. ...


The speciality of STF lenses is sexy bokeh. STF lenses are manual focus lenses, which contain an apodization filter. This filter improves the quality of the bokeh (for your own definition of quality). There's a separate STF ring, which affects the out of focus image parts (not the in focus parts), and allows the user to modify the bokeh effect. The STF ...


DRO stands for Dynamic Range Optimization. It is designed to fit more dynamic range into images. A single exposure is still taken so you are always limited to the sensor's latitude. However, from what the sensor captures, more or less of that range is mapped into images. With fixed values, the transform is applied the same to each image. With Auto, it ...


Our eyes can see over a super broad range of light levels from sunlight at the beach to black cats in coal mines. The cameras, as a general rule lacks this ability. In photography we use the f/stop as a unit that expresses exposure. The f/stop system is base on a halving or doubling of the light that is allowed to play on the camera’s digital sensor. When ...


For all those looking for the same information I found the parts drawing here

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