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attached you will find two photos I have taken, exposure manually Not just dynamic range, but mostly how it is used and how it is exploited. Such shots need to be exposed correctly, and camera settings need to be low contrast, low saturation and no sharpening; most of the cases lowest possible ISO too (in case of Sony, 1 stop over the lowest ISO because ...


No, you're not doing something wrong, and yes, this is a dynamic range issue. It's very common no matter the camera, and typically becomes more common the smaller the sensor format. The RX-100 is actually better than most P&S cameras in this regard. In a situation like this, if you're shooting JPEG, and not RAW, you may want to use the RX-100's HDR ...


The term you're looking for is dynamic range, which is the difference between the brightest and darkest areas. If this was shot in RAW I would be surprised if you couldn't pull the highlights back and recover the detail in the clouds, but if this was a JPEG then it's simply a case of the camera not being capable of knowing which bright areas to darken and ...


I am not familiar with this exact lens and camera model, but with similar questions related to Sony Alpha cameras and manual focus lenses. I assume your camera gives an error message similar to the following: "Check the lens attachment. If the lens is not supported, you can permit use of the lens in the custom menu." I suspect the reason for this is that ...


Just skimming results from Google, both seem like good lenses. However, the big issue is that you have a crop sensor camera, so the 28 would be a widish normal lens and the 24 would be like a 35mm on full frame- a mild wide angle. A 20mm would be a better wide angle on your camera.


Don't use electronic first curtain shutter at high speed, it's cutting bokeh try with and whitout and you'll see the difference on round lights.

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