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by Lars Kotthoff

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Please check which color profile your camera is set to. I suspect it be set to 'AdobeRGB' - which may well have the effect you're seeing. To get expected results using anything else than sRGB you need to set up a properly color-managed workflow.


Camera sensors are linear capture devices, which does not match well to the human perception of light and color. So, after the raw image is taken, it is usually converted to something with more "pop" to the color. Since more pop equals more exciting first impression, most consumer camera models default to cranking these parameters right up to 11. More ...


Is it wise? Well, probably the wise thing to do is to sell all of your electronics, camera gear included, and live a quiet life of mediation and peace. Or, is it a smart investment? Again, neither of these options is really the best. Better to sell it all and pick up a nice low-overhead index fund. But, photography is an art. Art is not wise (even if it ...


It probably isn't as big of a deal to switch as you think. It is fairly common when switching systems to sell off the old system and re-buy lenses in the new system. You do take a hit when off-loading the old lenses for the old system, but it still lets you get back up and running on the new system pretty quickly. It isn't trivial, but it also isn't too ...


Since you mentioned you're a student. I'll assume budget is a factor. With that in mind, have you considered cost of switching to Canon i.e. assume you sell off all your existing Sony gear at a fair price, will the proceeds be enough to buy equivalent lens for the type of photography you do. After all, the last thing you need is to switch and not be able to ...

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