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If by "older Olympus SLR lenses" you mean a film-era Olympus OM mount Zuiko lens, then you should be able to readily find adapter rings that work for these lenses--but since OM Zuikos are manual-focus lenses, there won't be any autofocus. There won't be any electronic communication from the lens to the camera, so you won't have aperture control from the ...


I'm pretty sure you just press display a couple of times. I work in a camera shop and can try this and confirm tomorrow (gmt) will edit my answer to either confirm this or give the correct answer


The difference in DR between the A7R and D810 is due to a new iteration of the sensor design which has a lower minimum hardware ISO setting, nothing to do with RAW compression. ARW compression first maps the linear 14-bit image into a non-linear 11-bit space. This does not compromise dynamic range as more bits are allocated to the shadows than the ...


TL;DR: Yeah, you guessed right. You can't get HSS or TTL cross-brand. Flash hotshoe protocols are mostly brand-specific TTL and HSS are hotshoe protocol-specific. That is, you need a Canon camera to do HSS with Canon HSS-compatible flashes; and with a Sony A-7, you'd need a Sony HSS-compatible flash (i.e., probably a Sony HLV speedlight, or 3rd-party ...


I shot SLR for 30+ years and then DSLR more recently. All Oly and Nikon. I learned a long time ago that the equipment isn't very important. The most important part of any camera is the 12" behind it (I think Ansel Adams said that). I unloaded umpteen pounds of good gear nine days ago and now have the first 200 or so snaps on a Sony a6000. I'll never look ...

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