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The LA-EA4 uses the adapters AF sensors only and not the cameras, however LA-EA3 uses the cameras AF point and are therefore recommended for the A6300 (but not for the A6000), but doesn't have AF motor for lenses needing screw-drive. No, it would not work at all (no auto focus of any kind at all), but LA-EA3 have no translucent mirror and no light lose, it ...


However, with the LA-EA4 the A6300 is attached to an adaptor WHICH CONTAINS an extremely limited number of phase focusing points and the camera is 'looking through' a half stop ND filter.Ideally the A6300 would use its multitude of on-sensor phase focusing points, ignore the EA4's focusing points, and use the EA4 mainly to provide motor-focus-drive to the ...


Krasnogorsk-3 has a Pentax M42x1 mount, though may be some models with Krasnogorsk bayonet mount. The lens mounted is the Meteor 5-1. f1.9 /17-69mm You can mount the M42 lens in mirrorless cameras, with the appropriate adapter. This lens was designed for 16mm film, so there are considerations using it on bigger frames. Seems not suitable for SLR as the ...

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