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The ratio f/2.8 means the diameter of the entrance pupil is equal to the focal length divided by 2.8. The key thing to note about the above is that the entrance pupil is the image of the aperture stop as seen through the front of the lens, the ratio does not depend on the physical size of the aperture itself. A rear-mounted 2x teleconverter, such as you ...


It's odd to see no one has mentioned Sony's 16mm f2.8 pancake prime lens with 12mm ultra wide adapter yet. At $300 that seems to be precisely what you're looking for. There is just one catch: sharpness of this lens is dysmal below f/5.6. Just remember the 5.6 magic number and you should be fine, though. Of course that limits its use to daytime conditions if ...


As a warning to anyone thinking of buying a USB battery pack, don't -- my NEX goes into USB mode when I plug in a USB cable, even if it's a charge-only cable. Which means that it doesn't let you take photos -- the entire UI is replaced by a "USB" indicator. I tried changing the USB mode from mass storage to MTP to auto, to no avail.


This question deals with the pros. Cons If you also focus on half-press, it makes it impossible to lock exposure and lock focus at different times. This means you cannot lock exposure while pointing at something, then re-frame, then lock focus. If your camera has a separate dedicated AE-L button, then using that can allow you to very quickly lock ...

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