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If I'm not mistaken RAW is unprocessed. Therefore any balancing, sharpening, or noise reduction is not applied to it unlike a JPEG. You'll have to adjust the white balance in post production. Most editing programs will have it listed under white balance, cast, or temperature.


There are extremely thin pinhole lenses for Sony NEX cameras that you can easily find online. These are the thinnest NEX-native lenses that you will find. Then there are manual lenses that you can adapt, such as the 38mm Olympus 2.8 lens, whose adapter to NEX isn't that thick. This would be the definite best option for you I think. This is pretty much how ...


I think logic will tell you what the problem is: When all three modes are used without flash, the image looks the same. When all three modes are used with flash, the images are different. So, let's investigate the flash. Now, what makes a flash work? Well, we have a power source, a xeon bulb, and a large capacitor. More than likely, your batteries ...


I cannot say much about the NEX-5R, but these are general flash topics on which I can speak. And I have looked at the online NEX-5R manual to verify. Generally many cameras have Auto modes, and they have A,S,P,M modes. Auto is fully auto, and A,S,P,M are not (not fully auto). For example, P mode is automatic exposure, but it will NOT be auto ISO and Auto ...

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