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I think it's more the latter of your two reasons: the experience, talent, and care of the group who are willing to spend more on higher-end gear, vs. the format size alone, that creates the impression that better cameras make better pictures all by themselves. Someone who's willing to spend $2000 on a camera body and another $3000 on glass in a brand new ...


In terms of which angles of view the lens(es) will allow you to select, you're correct: the combination of an 18-55 lens and a 55-200 lens will let you choose from exactly the same angles of view as a single 18-200 lens. However, I think you are missing a couple of important points, both of which are well covered in this answer: you'll get better image ...


There are many photos in the A6000 pool that look amazing [...] I can't get that close with any of my photos on the a6000. I think this is probably the most important point here - the photographer is much more important than the gear in making a photo. The best thing you can do at this point is to go away and practice, practice, practice (and possibly ...


You are looking at it wrong. I've never had an accident or ever even seen an accident occur while I've been driving, but Nascar drivers are either in or witness accidents all the time. Does that mean that Nascar drivers are worse drivers? No, it means they are in situations where accidents happen more frequently. The same thing applies to your Flickr ...


Most kit lenses don't get glowing reviews. Where you have to take the "invest in the glass not the camera" philosophy to heart is in the overall lens selection for the mount you're about to buy into. Digital bodies come and go all the time. They depreciate at the rate of most digital electronics: rapidly. Glass is much slower to lose value or to become ...

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