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Canon will almost certainly always have a version of Digital Photo Professional to include with their cameras. Apple may not always support Aperture. (Yeah, I know. Hindsight's always 20/20)


Using the Nik Tools without the adobe software is a pain, though as Michael points out they should save back over the original file. A file search on the name might yield something (or it may not); but, a surefire way to find out is using the SysInternals tool called Process Explorer, written by a (now) Microsoft employee it will tell you exactly what ...


I can't tell you WHERE the files was save on your system, but you might try this route to FIND the saved image. I've had to do this in the past. Just use the SEARCH bar in Windows and type in the file name (or any part of the file name that you remember) and see if it finds your file. If you find it, open the file, clickon "Save As", and then note the file ...


It turns out I manged to find a way to tonemap this monster of an image. Theoretically this should work for any image size up to 300000x300000 (90GP), which is the maximum supported by Photoshop. Of course, a full 360x180 panorama would end up as 300000x150000 (45GP). Either way, most likely not on anyone's radar, even mine. I suspect at those resolutions a ...


I was searching for the same thing and noticed this GitHub repository, which is someone's attempt to reverse engineer the wi-fi protocol with the Fujifilm X-T10.

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