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There's a way to do so in 32 BIT. In 32 Bit Mode Photoshop doesn't clip the subtraction between layers. I'll try to explain. Imagine 3 layers, the bottom layer, layer #1 has constant value of 120. Layer number 2, above it, has a constant value of 130 and it blending mode set to Subtract. The top layer, layer #3, has a constant value of 10 ans its blending ...


Duplicate the layer and invert one copy. With the curves tool flatten the bottom half of the brightness range. Using the levels tool, on both layers, set the input levels to 127, 1.00, 255 and the output levels to 0,127 finally set the blending modes of one layer to "Linear Dodge (Add)" and set the other one to "Subtract". What we have done is effectively ...


I use Wow! Tonal Equalizer. It is like an Equalizer to different scales (Frequency Separation) of details in the image. Something similar to Wavelet Decompose to those who know it.


Try dcptool, a free command-line tool for windows and MacOS, downloadable from here: http://dcptool.sourceforge.net/Introduction.html dcpTool can do five things: Decompile binary format DCP files into a text based XML format. This XML file can then be studied and/or edited with a text editor or specialized XML tool. Compile XML format DCP files into ...


I'm not sure what do you mean for a long exposure. Normally that is a single photo and the movement is captured as a blured trail. Probably you are refering to a time lapse capture. Probably filming the full 5 mins and reproduce it in 1 minute. Try using a screen capture software. The most popular i think is http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html you have ...


With the current version of Lightroom this is not possible, however you can create a smart collection of images based on their Treatment which can be either color or black and white: If you can find a way to set your black and white photos to use this Treatment flag to indicate they are monochrome (again, I can see no quick way to do this), then you ...


Updating to version 4.6.0 helped. Now, the preview is also in the import window :) Thanks anyway for your support.

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