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You can do this fairly easily with the cross-platform free software ExifTool. It's even in in the FAQ: The -csv (comma separated values) option solves this dilemma by pre-extracting information from all input files, then producing a sorted list of available tag names as the first row of the output, and organizing the information into columns for ...


Here's how I'd do this: o Mount both drives on the computer. o Fire up Lightroom and create a new catalog. o Choose import and select the first drive to import. Let it crunch away, go get a coffee o Repeat for the second drive. Now all images in both drives are in the Lightroom catalog where you can manipulate them. o make sure your third drive is ...


I don't know if you solved your problem, so I thought I would share what helped me. ICC Profile Version 4 is the default version for the X-Rite profiles. Unfortunately, it is not supported by all applications. This drove me crazy for a while because images that looked great in PS and Lightroom looked terrible in most other applications. Once I started ...


From the man page: -s (-short) Short output format. Prints tag names instead of descriptions. Add up to 3 -s options for even shorter formats: -s - print tag names instead of descriptions -s -s - no extra spaces to column-align values -s -s -s - print values only so, exiftool -s -s -s ...


I got a little carried away with formatting my answer... This drawing is adaptable and can automatically calculate different scenarios, I'll give LaTeX/Python source to anyone who wants it. Edit: I've put the source code here. I must warn potential viewers that it's difficult to read and badly formatted because of nesting python inside LaTeX.


from The actual lens correction parameters a, b and c which are used to correct for barrel distortion, pincushion distortion and even wavy distortion. The a and c parameters control more complex forms of distortion. In most cases it will be enough to optimize for the b parameter only, which is good at ...


You can probably add the metadata that you'd like to in a number of free programs. I know that RawTherapee can, but that's a raw converter and not meant to be an image database. However, Lightroom is selling for $77 at B&H, which isn't too bad. Another possibility is idImager, which is a dedicated image database, but that's $80 and doesn't include LR's ...


Googling "Mac geotag software" finds a number of options, such as GeoTag and Geotagger. Searching for "geotag" in the Mac app store also finds about a dozen options. At least some of those, like Geotag Photos Pro, support RAW format.

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