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Simply select and copy the screen/glare you want to overlay, and paste it to a new layer. Set the Blending Mode to Hard Light. Then paste in your product image in a new layer and place it underneath the glare layer (you will obviously need to do some jiggery pokery to fit this image onto the screen in the photo). Result:


Keep your current date-based organizational scheme for files Add XMP metadata to the files, including keywords, titles, and descriptions Use a database to collect this centrally, and allow search and presentation based on the metadata This has all of the organizational advantages you cite, with few disadvantages. XMP is XML-based, so not quite ...


Yes if you are saving the file or exporting it the EXIF will reflect that. EXIF changes are easy to detect if one is comparing a file to the original, but keep in mind this can typically be easily faked or manipulated if desired. Open up a file before and after with ExifTool and you'll be able to tell exactly what the Preview app changes. We have lots of ...

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