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Are you wondering about the distinct list of keywords in an entire catalog or are you wondering about the number of keywords for a single image? I am doubtful that there is any practical limit to the number of keywords allowed in a Lightroom catalog. It wouldn't make sense to have an artificial limit in the software itself but it is possible. Lightroom is ...


So, the short answer if you're editing and saving from Snapseed is yes. There are a couple of reasons why this will result in reduction of quality: You've discarded data from RAW to PNG/JPG in the first place. This now gives less information for Snapseed to work with and so further edits could result in even less data, especially in the shadows and ...


You aren't really missing a lot in terms of RAW manipulation and actually may have some slightly improved options with the vendor provided RAW editor. The main thing that third party tools are designed for is workflow management and cataloging. They make it easier to manage large numbers of files, tagging them so they can easily be found later and ...


Symbian? Have you tried Photo Effect? Probably your best bet is to find a way to install Android on that smartphone :P For Android I highly recommend Pixlr Express - which is free, simple to use, and does everything you need.


Your question isn't correctly written. I'll try to untangle it, tough. You cannot say that till "n" keywords you won't get any performance degradation and from "n"+1 (ok, "n"+100 or whatever) you suddenly will feel it. The performance degradation is a quite incremental process. It is rather an oblique line and not a stair-like graph. Also, of course, it ...

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