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With experience you become more aware as to how lighting and the color of the illuminant will change the way a vista will reproduce. You begin to see that shadows on snow have a blueish tint and you become aware that tungsten lighting is biased towards the yellow. We humans see with our eye/brain and that complicates. Try this enlightening experiment. ...


I rather doubt it, since perceived color has little to do with actual color balance. That's why you tend to interpret the color of an object as immutable whether you observe it in direct sunlight, late afternoon (sunset), or indoor incandescent lighting. The only reason we can tell, say, fluorescent vs. low-temperature (Edison bulb) incandescent is ...


You don't need any software to compare gamut coverages For what it's worth, you can get the three X-Y chromaticity coordinates from the monitor manufacturer and the three from the ink manufacturer and plot them on a plain X-Y coordinate graph paper. Connect the apex points with lines and compare/look at them directly. The two shapes will overlap. Parts that ...


I've never seen any apps that can train you that way, but I have seen a smartphone colorimeter apps that identify colors, as well as an actual smartphone colorimeter/light meter (or at least its Kickstarter). There are more apps to simulate exposure settings, to help train you in appropriate exposure settings for a given scene (e.g., CameraSim). That ...


You can receive training to help you become more aware, but not more perceptive, in the way you mean. Perception is not absolute with fixed values; but, is relative to the abilities of your senses on a continuum. You can become aware that something should be happening on an intellectual level. Such a revelation is set into action with an observation and a ...

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