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The latest Sony cameras include an Android subsystem used to run apps from the proprietary Sony PlayMemories Camera App Store (PMCA). We reverse engineered the installation process. This allows you to install custom Android apps on your camera.


I pretty much was in the exact same situation as the OP. I wanted a simple portfolio site that wasn't a gallery host (flickr, 500px), wasn't ugly (Coppermine, ZenPhoto, Pwigo), wasn't full of security holes (Gallery2 no longer being updated, anything WordPress based), and I could self host. Open source would've been awesome, but I was also willing to pay for ...


A good free of charge alternative to Photoshop will involve using at least a few different programs. There is no single free of charge program that will allow you to do everything that Photoshop can do in a practical way. I use the following programs: DCRaw for converting RAW files to the format you want. E.g. you may want to run your own demosaicing ...


Rawtherapee is powerful, free, and open-source. You can download the full DPP (Digital Photo Professional) from Canon if you have the serial number of your camera. You need to start with the product page of your camera first: ...


The developer of ShutterSnitch seems to have figured it out, it might be possible to get them to help you out.

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