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I have just had the exact same problem. My graphics driver for my Radeon HD 5800 Series gfx card got updated, noticed that the Acceleration option in Lightroom was activated, but didn't have a chance to check it out until today, and it keeps crashing. Long story short, though I haven't found an official support answer yet, a LOT of of my searching points at ...


There are transformations that you can apply to achieve some of what you're after, but there's not enough information in the source photo to come up with the final photo. For example, look at the heads of the two bolts. In the final photo, you can see that they're hexagonal, with round washers. But in the source photo you're looking at them from the side, so ...


Many image editing programs (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) have a perspective correction feature that can do this for individual images. That said, don't expect miracles: a very large change, like in your stop sign examples, may be possible, but you'll probably lose significant quality. Not sure about doing it in real time for video; you may want to ask on the ...

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