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If you couldn't find any information about their protocol (you've probably also tried Google search for communication protocol keywords directly on their site by typing keyword it isn't probably readily available. You can contact Fujifilm, explain them your intentions and they might help you. There might also be another option - you ...


The question of Rowland Shaw is a pertinent one. The battery level indeed seems to have an impact on the size of an individual focussing step. At least, that was my observation when I was trying to automate landscape focus stacking with Magic Lantern. As my first objective was to simply count the number of steps of a full throw (i.e. from close to infinity), ...


Though the title says Edit photos with an external program the description says: select a photo One at a time works but not multiple.


I use Capture One Pro from Phase One. Opinions differ on this versus Lightroom, but I find that overall Capture One works more like I do. Here's the rub. If you have experience with a different RAW converter, you will need to start unlearning that workflow. Fortunately, Phase One has great instructional videos online. On the minus side for C1, using it as a ...

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