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Lightroom always uses a catalog to store your edits, however you can disable the backup notifications. Go to: Edit->Catalog Settings (PC) OR Lightroom->Catalog Settings (Mac) Set: "Back up catalog" to "Never"


Edit->Preferences->General->Go to catalog settings->General->Backup->Never


The answers above are correct, but I'm not sure why one would want to disable this function. All the develop adjustments are stored in the catalog, so if the catalog file crashes you'd lose all your adjustments (other than any exported files you'd made, of course - but these wouldn't tell you what specific adjustments you'd done, they'd only give you a jpg ...


Since version 4.x, RAWTherapee is a compelling alternative. Its functionality and the quality of its filters have substantially improved, with 32-bit float processing throughout in ProPhoto RGB, CIECAM if you want that, and huge amount of intelligent features - its automatic chromatic aberration correction is better than anything you can achieve manually in ...


Lychee Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Lychee is open source, written in php, and attempts to provide a modern photo management interface through a web browser.


Avidemux is a good tool for this purpose. Open source, free. It is the easiest. Just open the first image from the folder in which you have the sequence. It automatically populates the rest for you! Then you have to export it as video.

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