Dracula's Castle

by BJHStudios

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You want studio flash, not continuous lights. You will never get enough depth of field with continuous light. Butterfly lighting works well for basic beauty. One large softbox above and very close to the face, and another or a reflector below to light under the chin. Beauty lighting is often very flat. Do you have a good retoucher available?


Depending on the lines of sight, the distance, and the shape and material of the softbox, this can sometimes work. The diffusion material doesn't typically block a lot of IR. But, I'd really highly recommend getting a decent but low cost set of radio triggers. Then, you don't have to worry about any of those things. (Ugh, I turned the softbox so the light ...


I want to make some structures, probably for a larger softbox. I remember seeing a different softbox design that is based on an umbrella, westcott has a model named apollo, the generic term seems to be "umbrella softbox". "umbrella style softbox" also yields some results. It's basically an umbrella that doesn't open as wide as a regular umbrella with ...

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