India Point Park

India Point Park
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Just wanted to give an update on some things I tried. I think as far as what causes the sparkles to show in real life and not on camera, it's a little of "all of the above", but a few things I did notice: 3D does not have that much of an effect. If I close my eyes I see the sparkles nearly as well as with both eyes. Movement likely has slightly more ...


I'd like to reiterate on the "PS" added to an answer above. Try to shoot a smaller area where the ice is backlit by the sun so that you have a higher level of light being refracted by the ice & consequently a greater level of glinting for your camera sensor to pick up. If you're not already using a tripod, do consider it as it will let you use smaller ...


There are a lot of good answers here, but I'm surprised to not see one tip: use flash. Normally, in highly reflective conditions a flash is challenging to use because it highlights the reflection further -- but that's exactly what you want here. You can likely use very low power when firing the flash, as it won't take much to cause the reflection to blow out ...

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