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HDR is always software, not hardware. The concept behind HDR is that you take multiple images at different exposures and then combine them to produce a wider dynamic range than the sensor itself could do. All that really matters is if the HDR app is able to control the exposure settings on the camera. As long as the app can adjust the shutter speed of the ...


Since many smart phone "HDR apps" don't actually do any real HDR so it's useful to define what we are talking about. HDR stands for "high dynamic range", it's designed for situations where the highlights are too bright and the dark areas are too dark so the camera can't capture the entire range of brightness in a single shot. HDR is done in two steps: In ...


I initially assumed that the reason to the skew faces was a result of curvilinear properties of the lens, but JohannesD pointed out in the comments that it could be due to rectilinearity itself since the corners get "stretched". Unfortunately both of these explanations causes skewness but they are different kinds. Without an image as an example I'm ...

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