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On DSLR, using a stabilized wide-angle (including myself) is considered useful when shooting handheld in low-light situations. The subject should be rather static, otherwise subject motion blur will still occur during the longer exposure. Another small benefit would be stabilizing the "viewfinder" image on screen (and similarly, recorded video). Intended ...


You have to distinguish between software and hardware image stabilisation, often referred to OIS - Optical Image Stabilisation - for the hardware kind, where the lens or sensor moves to counteract camera shake and perhaps just IS for the software kind, where software techniques are used to remove the effect of shake. However, Canon's stabilised lenses have ...


Did you consider that smartphone cameras are usually much wider (lower apparent focal length) than dslr VR/IS lenses? Wide lense at f<50mm will not benefit from stabilization, because linear distance of image movement is much smaller than with something like f=200mm on FX for same camera tilt caused by of hand tremor. And many smartphone cameras have ...

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