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What you're seeing is probably a case of barrel distortion. Its common among fisheye lenses since they capture an hemispherical image and therefore utilizes this distortion in order to transfer an arbitrarily wide view into the final curvilinear image. Unfortunately since the mapping function can't be linear the objects in certain areas (in this case the ...


Not really, because an app can't decide for you which part of the scene you want to expose and focus in a certain way. Cameras in Auto mode attempt, with varying degrees of success, to guess what part of the scene to which the photographer wants to draw the attention of the viewer. If a machine could read our minds and expose/focus an image the way we want ...


Symbian? Have you tried Photo Effect? Probably your best bet is to find a way to install Android on that smartphone :P For Android I highly recommend Pixlr Express - which is free, simple to use, and does everything you need.

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