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I'm skeptical about the other answer which claims most camera modules spit out JPEGs; if that's true then how does video work, do they offload the video encoding to the tiny camera microcontroller as well ? If that's true then it has to be a very powerful microcontroller... I'd say this is pure software, and given enough time and root access to the phone ...


While Google created an API in Android Lollipop that exposes RAW images from the camera, Android leaves it up the each phone manufacturer as to whether they will make the camera RAW available to the user. Therefore, to gain access to RAW images, you need the phone manufacturer to enable it, and software to take advantage of it. And yes, it is possible for a ...


That depends almost entirely on the hardware. Android has had raw support in the software since Eclair (2.0, API level 5), but it was always left to a manufacturer-specific format if the hardware could provide anything that could be called raw. Most of the mobile chipsets in circulation run the camera entirely in silicon and burp out JPEGs, and that's been ...

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