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TL;DR I am afraid that you need to evaluate the lenses individually. Rangefinder an DSLR lenses are often different in construction because both have different design goals and restrictions. RF lenses are often made to be smaller. RF lenses cannot be used from very close proximity, so no corrections or compromises for very close range are necessary. RF ...


The two terms you probably want to google are mirrorless and large-sensor compact. These cameras will typically cost roughly the same as a dSLR entry-level kit, and will offer some serious tools for photography you won't find in a low-end compact camera, such as full manual mode, a flash hotshoe, and RAW capability. And a larger sensor. Mirrorless ...


Actually these goals are what mirrorless cameras aim to achieve. They have the large sensor and full manual control of dSLRs. But they also have the compact size of point & shoots, since they don't have the mirror and optical viewfinder of the dSLRs.

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