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Camera manufacturers, more than anyone else, does have the best "know-how" on where to place, what. Every single control or surface on the camera, just like its feature set, has been carefully studied and modified, over the years, to assure giving its user the best experience with the product, taking into consideration other factors, such as logical ...


There are some techical situations where I prefer to use the viewfinder on a DSLR, for example with to much light arround me... It is hard to see the viewfinder in some light conditions, for example with the sun on a beach. A more specific technical situation is speed of response. You are seeing the moment as it is happening. A blink of your subject, a ...


What's the point of a DSLR? To take pictures. A DSLR is just one type of camera. Like all other cameras, a DSLR is just a tool. Many photos can be taken with pretty much any camera. Others, though, might require specialized abilities that are offered in only certain types of cameras. In some cases the size, weight, and complexity of some DSLRs allow ...


I started out with a K 1000 in the 1980s and have never found a DSLR to match the ability to be able to control every aspect of an image before you snap the shutter. I'm going to do a shoot for a junior-level anthropology class and have a photo ethnography project to complete by semester's end and I'm leaving my DSLR at home and strapping on my Pentax with a ...

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