High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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I love my K1000. My favorite lens is an SMC 28 mm f/2.8. I like how you can be right on top of a foregrond object and get everything in focus. I like to shoot stopped down for maximum sharpness. I have owned a dslr, but often found the images to be a bit fuzzy. Not so with my K1000. I've had many people say that my pictures are beautiful. Thank you, K1000.


All lenses project a circular image but only the center portion of the circle is pictorially useful. Why is this? The light rays that play on the edges of the circle arrive at an angle. You can demonstrate this with a flashlight. Point the flashlight beam straight onto a piece of paper and you will see a brilliant sharply defined circle. Allow the flashlight ...


This is called the Crop-Factor or Focal-Length-Multiplier (FLM). On a full-frame camera, the sensor is the same size as a 35mm film negative, so the FLM is 1X which means there is no crop and so the field of view remains the same. On cropped-sensor cameras, APS-C is most common with a 1.5X crop for Pentax, Nikon and Sony and 1.6X crop for Canon. Other sizes ...

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