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I'd also like to point out that you can use a flatbed scanner. Even one that is not made to handle transparancies can do a fair job with a simple mirror tent placed over the slide. With a backlit scanner is better, as you can put a whole bunch of slides on the glass and make one scan. Use that as a proof to decise which ones to put more effort into (or ...


It sounds like low cost is the priority for you at the expense of quality and speed (which is fine, you just need to recognize that's what you're after). Perhaps an adaptor for a smartphone is the best choice: Photojojo has an iPhone/Android film scanner; I've seen similar devices made with a hunk of ABS pipe, too.


You can find dedicated slide scannera for sale for less than the price of a lens. Then sell it afterbdoing the project. Which means someone else thought of that first and you can find a gently used scanner on eBay discounted. If you recover most of the cost after the project, you can afford a very good one and end up being outn $200 when you resell it.


You can't find a solution at the price you want to pay. That should tell you that your budget is too low to do this project well. The idea of projecting onto a screen and photographing it won't work because those screens are textured and that texture will be added to your taken photo. Sharpness will also be a problem Your goal of 'quick' ignores the ...

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